Star Wars: The Old Republic – Onslaught Event First Details

Thought Star Wars: The Old Republic was finished? Think again. Here's what you need to know about Onslaught:

Star Wars: The Old Republic is getting its first major update in years, with EA and BioWare lining up an event in the MMO called “Onslaught”. Add this to the recently-revealed trailers for Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and ILMxLAB’s Vader Immortal and the future is starting to look pretty bright for Star Wars-loving gamers.

In the official announcement for Onslaught, the team behind The Old Republic promises “two new planets, a new Flashpoint on the war-torn world of Corellia, a new Operation set in the lush jungles of Dxun and more!” As well as dropping in on Corellia, players will be able to visit Onderon and Mek-Sha in this new expansion.

“Our philosophy for this expansion is, play your way”, the announcement declares. “Items have always been an important part of your character’s identity, but for the first time we are offering true depth and choice with exciting new items that let you decide how to play in the upcoming battle.” A new type of gear slot, Technical Items, will be added a well.

“War between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire blazes across the galaxy,” the announcement ominously declares. “Crucial resources dwindle as piracy and crime escalate dramatically. Amid this chaos, the Alliance Commander has the chance to tip the scales in favor of either faction, committing their elite forces to decide the fate of the galaxy.

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“As the Sith Empire prepares to make a decisive strike against a newly-constructed Republic shipyard on the planet Corellia, members of the Dark Council see victory on the horizon and begin plotting against one another in anticipation of the spoils. Meanwhile, Republic forces must race against time to muster reinforcements from across the galaxy in order to defend Corellia from the Sith.”

The Star Wars: The Old Republic Onslaught expansion will be free for all subscribers, and it will launch in September. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more…

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