Star Wars: Footage of the Space Shooter Game That Never Was

A game dedicated to flying around in Star Wars vehicles and blowing stuff up was pitched in 2016. Here's some rare footage...

Poe Dameron may have been told off for thinking he could solve everything by hopping in his X-Wing and blowing stuff up in The Last Jedi, but let’s face it, some of the best Star Wars games ever have let us do just that. From the classic 1983 Atari coin-op, where players blew up a flickering wireframe Death Star, to the awesome¬†Rogue Squadron titles, the franchise has provided the perfect fodder for hot-headed space pilots everywhere.

In 2016, developer Double Damage Рthe firm behind the 2015 space sim, Rebel Galaxy Рpitched a sci-fi shooter game of their own to Star Wars license holder EA. Like Rogue Squadron, it was an arcade-style action game, this time allowing players to switch between Star Wars vehicles on-the-fly. 

Hoping to pique EA’s interest, Double Damage produced a pitch video detailing what its untitled game would look like, with the Millennium Falcon and an X-Wing taking on Tie Fighters, a Star Destroyer and even Boba Fett’s Slave-1 in the middle of an asteroid field. As you might have gathered, the game never got a greenlight, and according to Kotaku, the developer knew that its chances were slim in any case.

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Nevertheless, that pitch video gives us a look at what might have been – and while there’s nothing too revelatory here, it’s a reminder of how thrilling a dedicated Star Wars flying game could be on current-gen tech. See for yourself below…