Star Wars 1313 Video Teases Canceled Game’s Droid Fighter

As well as putting the player in the boots of Boba Fett, Star Wars 1313 would've featured a battling droid companion...

Star Wars 1313, one of the most high profile titles in the long list of canceled Star Wars games, would’ve featured a droid companion that helped you out in combat situations. We’ve learned as much thanks to a pre-viz animation, which has found its way onto the web thanks to animator Jonathan Cooper.

This action-adventure title spent quite a lot of time in development at LucasArts, shaping up to be a gritty action adventure game set in the criminal underbelly of the city-planet Coruscant. Players would’ve slipped into the boots of a young Boba Fett and been given access to an arsenal of weapons and gadgets.

The clip that was shared by Jonathan Cooper showcases a combat sequence from the game, which was rendered without skins or backgrounds. Clearly, it’s not a finished product, but it’s still an interesting glimpse at what Star Wars 1313 might’ve looked like. The droid character, who we’d previously glimpsed in concept art like the image atop this page, is definitely the standout presence in this video. 

You can watch the clip here…

Although we don’t know the name of this droid or who would’ve voiced the character, it’s still clear that this robotic companion would’ve come in very handy during combat. In this clip, the hefty-looking droid joins in with the action, serves as a ledge for the character to jump off, and also kicks down a cover box to expose a hidden enemy.

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Another interesting takeaway from this clip is that the cover-and-shoot mechanic seems to be central to the player’s experience, putting this game firmly in the “it’s a bit like Uncharted” camp that so many titles have tried to squeeze into over the years.

Ultimately, though, development on Star Wars 1313 (and all internal LucasArts games) was shut down after Disney bought Star Wars. The Mouse House has given the Star Wars license to EA, with Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order being the next release in the publisher’s schedule.

We’ll keep bringing you Star Wars games news as we hear it.