Snowy Lunch Rush review

When Den of Geek reviewed Diner Dash, we wondered why people would want to pretend to work in the food service industry. But ... er, it looks like they just really love waiting tables...

As a Diner Dash veteran (I have completed all three Diner Dash titles on the PC), I am always on the lookout for the next big thing in casual games. There are many pretenders to the Diner Dash throne, but nothing else quite comes close. The games need to have just the right balance of difficulty, i.e. easy enough that I don’t give up after five minutes, but hard enough that I haven’t completed it in an hour and a half (like Nannymania).Snowy Lunch Rush could just sit at second in command (I don’t think anyone can beat DD). It’s actually built using exactly the same format as the three Diner Dash titles, but instead of the wonderful Flo, you have the cute bear Snowy.

What makes it so good is that it does have some variation on the ‘original and best.’ For example there is a drive-thru in Snowy Lunch Rush, and a telephone where VIP customers call up and demand the best seats. So although the basic theme is the same, you don’t feel as though you’re playing exactly the same game over again. Plus Snowy really is cute, and he sings a funny little song to the customers in line that he’s trying to cheer up.

I’m still avidly playing the game, and although I’m using tips I learnt from Diner Dash, I have actually failed a level, so maybe this is going to be the level I get stuck on for ages, and incessantly attempt until I can get past it. Alas, maybe not! There are a number of times you can fail in this game. In Diner Dash you can keep going, and going, and going until you get past a certain level, but there are three stars in Snowy Lunch Rush. Assumedly when they all disappear, you have to start again. That should make things interesting…

On the whole, if you loved Diner Dash, you’ll like this, unless you’re now sick of it, in which case try something different (Burger Rush and Chocolatier are ace). But if you’re a newcomer to casual games, then definitely give this one a try. You’ll be c – I mean hooked.

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