Saw: the video game?

The horror movie franchise will be on your computer come the end of 2009. Does Ron want to play a game?

Brash Entertainment ( is a company that says it is “focused on developing compelling, high-quality games based on favourite films, television and music properties.” They certainly have a lot of great examples of how to turn a great movie into a horrible, soul-crushing failure of a video game, so as long as they do the opposite of that, they should turn out okay.

After launching the company with an Alvin & The Chipmunks rhythm-based game for the holiday season, the company has announced recently that they’re going into development of a video game based on the disturbingly popular Saw series. Much like the Alvin game, Saw is going to be released in conjunction with the next installment of the Saw series in October 2009. The Brash crew will be working closely with all and sundry parties responsible for Saw (James Wan, Leigh Whannell, Twisted Pictures, Lions Gate, the dark lord Satan, etc.) to give Saw fanatics the gory, poorly-scripted, and woodenly-acted video game of their dreams.

There’s no real word on what the game play will be like, but I can only see it going in one of two directions. It will either be like Rockstar’s Manhunt with less plot, or Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series but with absolutely no fun. Either way, I see blood by the gallons, genitals in bear traps, and absolutely no redeeming social values whatsoever other than the important lesson, “It hurts to stick tender bits into bear traps, so don’t do it.”

Finally, a violent video game Uwe Boll can’t make into a movie!

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Brash’s stated niche is video game movies. Aside from Alvin and Saw, the company also has approximately 40 other movies it currently owns the video game rights to, has a robust 12 games in production as we speak, and has IP deals with Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, Vanguard Animation, Warner Brothers, and the aforementioned Lions Gate. Someone’s sunk a lot of money in this venture

Producing games based off movies will be the only thing the company does, and clearly they’ve got a lot invested in making this work. Despite my snark, I really hope they’re successful, as there are a lot of good movies that would also be great settings for video games (a Sin City MMORPG, perhaps, with reputation-based rewards for Old Town prostitutes, the police, various gangs, etc). I just wouldn’t have put all my adult gaming launch eggs in the Saw basket.

Source: Gaming Politics