Saints Row Release Time: When Will the Game Be Playable?

Volition is finally returning to the Grand Theft Auto rival that made the company famous, Saints Row, and it's set to launch sooner than you might think.

Saints Row
Photo: Deep Silver

In 2006, Volition released its own take on the open-world crime simulator genre, Saints Row, and the series soon flourished. In 2015, Volition sowed the seeds for a reboot with Saints Row – Gat out of Hell. The immediate result of that attempt, 2017’s Agents of Mayhem, failed to impress audiences, so Volition decided to go back to what works while also updating that formula for more modern times. The result is the upcoming 2022 reboot simply known as Saints Row.

Saints Row is the long-awaited return to open-world, gang-centric mayhem that audiences love (with a few notable changes to the series’ tone and sense of humor). While this reboot takes place in the fictional city of Santo Ileso instead of series-regular locations like Stilwater and Steelport, the focus is once again on customization, mayhem, and freeform gameplay. Players will be on a quest to make a name for their up-and-coming gang and can even create protagonists who look as imposing or goofy as they want. But, gamers can only do that once they get their hands on the game. You can’t exactly engage in in-game insurance fraud if you can’t play the game, now can you?

While Volition and publisher Deep Silver are gearing up to release Saints Row very, very soon, longtime fans and newcomers alike are probably wondering when they can start playing or pick up the game. Here’s what we know.

When Will Saints Row Be Playable?

Initially, Volition aimed for a February 25, 2022 release date, but as is the case with many titles, the developers had to push back the game’s launch by several months. The team hoped the extra time would help them polish Saints Row, especially since Volition was trying to create the biggest entry in the franchise to date. Well, now the time is almost upon us.

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According to the official Saints Row Twitter account, the game will release on August 23 at midnight on the dot. Midnight where? Midnight everywhere. UK players can start enjoying Saints Row at 12 AM BST, while East Coast gamers will have to wait five hours to play at 12 AM EST. Of course, this applies to the digital version; anyone who wants a physical copy will have to bide their time until stores open on the 23rd, wait for a mail-ordered copy, or hope a local retailer is holding a midnight release.

While gamers can’t load up Saints Row until midnight, they can get a head start on the action by downloading the game ahead of schedule. Anyone who pre-ordered the title can download it right now on their Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, PC gamers have been left out in the cold, but not for lack of trying. Unforeseen technical issues prevented Volition from implementing a preload function on the Epic Games store version, but once midnight rolls around, gamers can just download their copy and go to bed. Internet speeds willing, Saints Row should be ready and waiting for them by the time they wake up.

Audiences can also get a head start on the game by downloading the Boss Factory: a standalone character creation program that lets players customize their protagonist. Given the sheer number of customization options in the game, players can easily spend hours tweaking their character’s clothes, hair, and facial features. Using the Boss Factory to perfect the protagonist’s look before Saints Row even releases will save players a ton of time since they can load their creations into the game and jump right in. Plus, anyone who creates and shares their protagonist will earn two free in-game helmets and a rocket launcher if they link their game account.