Resident Evil E-Mail Hints at Possible Sequel

Capcom seems to be working on a new Resident Evil project. Is it a sequel or a remake?

A recent email sent to members of Capcom’s RE Ambassadors program suggests that the studio is working on a new Resident Evil game. 

“Hi Resident Evil Ambassadors,” reads the email. “Today we’re reaching out to recruit potential testers from our loyal RE Ambassador community to try out a new game in early development.”

The email goes on to note that anyone who agrees to participate in the testing must be in the Los Angeles area from September 20 to 21 or in the New York City area from September 23 to 24. Participants will not be compensated for their time and are asked to have “played a Resident Evil title in the past.” Members of the RE Ambassadors program in Japan also received a similar email last week. 

What does it all mean? Capcom isn’t saying, but it’s certainly within the realm of reason to suggest that this could be part of the early testing process for a new Resident Evil game. We certainly couldn’t think of any other reason why Capcom would reach out to Resident Evil fans for help on this project. 

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The question now is “Which Resident Evil game is the studio working on?” Capcom has previously indicated that they’re interested in pursuing a Resident Evil 3 remake following the success of the Resident Evil 2 remake, so it’s certainly possible that’s in the pipeline. Of course, Resident Evil 7 also proved to be a fairly successful re-imagining of the franchise, so you can’t rule out the possibility that Capcom is working on Resident Evil 8. We just hope it’s not a re-release of Resident Evil 6

We’ll be sure to bring you more information on this potential new Resident Evil project as soon it’s available. 

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