Prey 2: New Footage Suggests Game Shouldn’t Have Been Cancelled

The cancelled sequel to Prey was apparently much further along than we were led to believe...

While 2017’s Prey was a pretty neat Action/RPG from the makers of Dishonored, it wasn’t actually a sequel to 2006’s Prey. However, there was a time when Prey developer Human Head Studios were working on a direct sequel to their cult classic shooter. Until now, details regarding that shooter have been scattered and fairly unsubstantial. 

Now, though, we actually have video evidence of what that sequel would have looked like. 

This footage comes to us courtesy of Andrew Borman; a digital games curator at the Museum of Play in Rochester, NY. He shared the video via the tweet above which he says was sent to him by Human Head Studios. He even suggests that he might have more such footage to share sometime in the future. 

For now, though, we’ll just have to make due with this short clip. That’s fine, though, because it actually reveals quite a lot of what this potential project would have looked like. As you can see from the footage this sequel would have been a far more traditional first-person shooter than the Prey we got from Arkane Studios. Just as in 2006’s Prey, the title would have featured some interesting sci-fi weapons, quite a few intelligent enemies to shoot at, and some alien environments. Unlike that game, it seems that Prey‘s sequel would have been a bit more intense. It’s hard to gauge the game’s atmosphere and story from just this piece of footage, but it certainly appears that action was more of a priority in this now-canceled sequel.

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In fact, this footage is impressive enough to probably make you wonder why Prey 2 was canceled in the first place. Well, Bethesda suggested that the game just wasn’t shaping up to meet their expectations and they felt that there wasn’t a “clear path” to get the game to where it needed to be. Bethesda marketing VP Pete Hines told GameSpot that it wasn’t really a hostile situation between Bethesda and Human Head and that Bethesda notified the developers that they were going to make a different title based on the Prey name. 

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Still, we can’t help but be a little curios regarding Human Head’s thoughts on the matter considering that they shared this footage and that it looks quite good.