ModWater Coolant Could Fuel and Protect Your PC Water Cooling System

ModWater from ModMyMods is one of the purest and most effective PC gaming liquid coolants on the market.

Our friends at ModMyMods, who helped us build our official Den of Geek PC last year, have released a new product called ModWater, a coolant that is specifically designed to help fuel the liquid cooling system in your PC.

DIYers will likely be familiar with the water cooling systems that have become more common in today’s PC builds. For the uninitiated, water cooling is generally regarded as a more efficient way to cool vital PC components such as your CPU and GPU. It’s an especially good cooling option if you’re running demanding PC games that require a lot of power from your rig.

As you’d expect, water cooling systems need the right coolant to work properly, and ModMyMod thinks its created the perfect coolant to fit your cooling system.

“ModWater is exactly what its name suggests: A coolant specifically designed for PC water-cooling systems,” reads a statement from ModMyMods. “Our goal was to design a coolant that we as PC modification enthusiasts would want to use in our own systems. USA-made ModWater has been in development for over a year, and the ModMyMods Team is proud and excited to share our tried and tested end product with the community that we love.”

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According to ModMyMods, ModWater is the end result of an extensive testing process involving ModMyMods’ “in-house water purification/deionization system,” which has resulted in what is described as “the most pure, unadulterated coolant to protect your system.” 

What makes this coolant so special? According to ModMyMods, ModWater will help better protect your PC and liquid cooling system than some of the competing coolants out there. Its low-conductivity formula also helps your liquid cooling system more efficiently transfer coolant throughout your PC’s tubes. 

With its 0.05ppm total dissolved solids value and a non-toxic formula that is safe for pets and humans, ModWater may be one of the purest PC coolants on the market. ModMyMods also utilized a “unique blend of additives” to offer extra protection for the key metal components in your cooling system. Considering how expensive some of those components can be, it makes sense that you would want to invest in a coolant that is designed to protect your investment over the long-term. 

As an added bonus, ModWater is available as a clear coolant as well as “UV-reactive colors” such as red, blue, and green, if you’d like to add a bit more color to your build.

GPUs and CPUs are only getting better, but that means that they’re also demanding more and more from your PC. That also means that modern gaming PCs can potentially produce more heat than ever (especially for you overlocking enthusiasts out there). The extra heat those high-end components produce means that more people are turning to the power of liquid cooling alternatives to ensure the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of their machines. 

For those who have already made the leap into liquid cooling, you can find more details on ModWater here. 

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