Mass Effect 4: New Details and Concept Art Revealed

Happy N7 Day! BioWare is celebrating with a very special live stream. And you can watch it right here!

Another N7 Day reveal has come and past. Today’s reveal featured new concept art that confirmed the Mako and Citadel will make an appearance in the next Mass Effect game (which will not be called Mass Effect 4

Mike Gamble, lead producer on the next installment in the franchise, confirmed that there would be new species of aliens with their own homeworlds and weapons. As such, the game’s big focus will be on exploration, an element that BioWare seeks to bring back after the last two sequels strayed from it in favor of combat. Exploration in this new game won’t just be about discovering new areas on a map/planet. It’s about discovering new species, really igniting a curiosity for the game’s universe. They really want the worlds they’re bulding to look alien.

A pivotal part of this will be the return of the Mako, the all-terrain exploration vehicle that was scrapped after the first game due to how badly it handled. But BioWare is upgrading the Mako, making it something that’s fun to drive and explore with.

Senior development director Chris Wynn said the goal is “not to build Mass Effect 4.” The next Mass Effect game will focus on PC and next-gen gameplay. Which means that this really is a new generation for the franchise. BioWare thinks that we should expect a lot of new.

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Just look at these new pieces of concept art:

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Happy N7 Day! Today we celebrate the Mass Effect series, that wonderful space opera that has a special place in our hearts. Not many franchises have managed the epic feel of a galaxy-spanning space adventure as well as BioWare’s flagship franchise has. 

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