Marvel’s Avengers Game Reveals Retro Suits for Iconic Heroes

Would you pre-order Marvel's Avengers to get your hands on these old-school outfits?

The upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game will feature some cool retro costumes, as publisher Square Enix has revealed with its latest announcement. The collection of old-school skins is available as a pre-order to bonus to everyone that gets in their purchase of the game nice and early.

This isn’t the first time that the game’s visual representation of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has made the news, as you might recall: when the lid was first lifted on the game with a reveal trailer at E3 2019, plenty of people took to the internet to complain that Marvel’s iconic vigilantes didn’t quite look right. Many people seemed to forget that this game represents a brand new take on the Avengers that isn’t meant to look identical to the much-loved Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the team. The whole thing was blown up and labeled as a ‘backlash’, and we even asked the developers about that situation in an exclusive interview late last year.

More recently than that, we heard that Marvel’s Avengers has been pushed back from its original release date. The game had been scheduled to arrive in May 2020, but now it is slated to arrive on shop shelves both digital and physical on September 4. If you get your order in early, though, you’ll get your hands on a collection of retro costumes for your heroes and some other cool stuff. Here’s an official promo image to tell you more…

The Marvel Legacy Outfit Pack, as it’s called, looks pretty snazzy from here: Captain America is back in a World War II army uniform, Thor has his iconic horned helmet, Hulk has purple shorts and a ripped T-shirt, Black Widow is in a familiar cat-suit, Ms Marvel is in a homemade-looking outfit, and Iron Man is in a silver ‘Mark One’-style suit of armor. And let’s just take a minute to appreciate the retro vibes of Ms Marvel wearing a fanny pack.

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As we found out in our first hands-on preview of the game, there will be lots of alternate costumes in Marvel’s Avengers that players can unlock through gameplay and/or purchase through microtransactions. There will also be other heroes added to the game later. We don’t know who will be added first, but we do know that Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) and Hank Pym (aka Ant-Man) already exist in the universe of the game. And if you were wondering, the game will have a mixture of single-player missions and online co-op experiences.

Other pre-order bonuses for Marvel’s Avengers include Marvel Legacy Nameplate, a fancy version of the game’s box, and two days of early access to an online beta. And if you’ve got a bit more money to spend, here’s a tease of the high-end ‘Earth’s Mightiest Edition’ bundle that is also available to pre-order…