Kingdom Hearts Mobile Game Revealed With Naming Competition

The mysterious Project Xehanort will be the next mobile entry into the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Kingdom Hearts mobile game

Square Enix has revealed a new mobile game set within the Kingdom Hearts universe. 

This strange title is currently known as Project Xehanort, but as it says on the game’s recently launched Twitter account, that title is a work-in-progress handle. Actually, a recent tweet even encourages people to “Guess the Name” of the game as part of a competition. More on that later. 

A brief look at Project Xehanort‘s website reveals that it is expected to be released for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices sometime in the spring. It’s also noted that this is an “all-new Kingdom Hearts experience,” but no reference is made to whether or not this game will play fairly similar to a classic Kingdom Hearts title or if it will be something else entirely. 

At the moment, though, it’s that name that’s really catching everyone’s attention. As some fans have already pointed out, it seems likely that the game will involve Kingdom Hearts villain Xehanort in some fashion. Considering that the Twitter teaser for this game showcases Young Xehanort, it’s likely that this title will either focus on Xehanort’s “origin” (so to speak) or will otherwise play with the timelines a bit in order to deliver something a little crazier. Honestly, your best bet when it comes to just about anything Kindom Hearts related is that the developers will take the weirdest path available to them. 

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Speaking of which, now feels like a good time to remind everyone that previous Kingdom Hearts titles have featured names such as Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. What we’re saying is that the name of this game could really be anything. If you’re interested in guessing the name, though, you can do so via the aforementioned competition until January 28th. 

While Kingdom Hearts 3 proved to be a somewhat underwhelming entry into the franchise in the minds of some, the Kingdom Hearts series rightfully remains a fan favorite, and we’re certainly interested to see where the series goes next

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