Halo Infinite Season 2 Start Time and Details: When Will the Update Be Playable?

Here’s what you need to know about when Halo Infinite's Season 2 update begins.

Halo Infinite
Photo: Xbox Game Studios

It seems like only yesterday Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer launched. Maybe that’s because the game’s single-player campaign hit storefronts on December 8th, while the multiplayer component was released earlier to a somewhat mixed reception. Ever since then, developer 343 Industries has been working to improve the free-to-play multiplayer portion of the game, and the multiplayer mode’s next major update is nearly available.

Season 2 of Halo Infinite, dubbed “Lone Wolves,” will launch May 3rd at 11 AM PST. That means that anyone who lives on the East coast can join at 2 PM, UK gamers can start at 7 PM, and so on. Once the new season starts, players will experience quite a few new additions and can earn cool rewards. Here’s an expanded look at the current release schedule for those who need it:

Arguably the most important Season 2 additions are the new maps and game modes. Players will be able to fight for glory in the two new arenas, dubbed Catalyst and Breaker. Catalyst is an abandoned Forerunner bunker filled with tight corridors, balconies begging for surprise attacks, and even a hard-light bridge for good measure. Meanwhile, Breaker is a Banished junkyard home to moving platforms, death pits, and a mobile laser that can kill players if they aren’t careful.

Season 2 will also include two returning game modes and one entirely new mode. Halo veterans will see the long-awaited return of King of the Hill, where two teams enter an arena to hold a random contested spot of land. This season will also reintroduce Land Grab, which is just King of the Hill but with three active contested areas instead of one.

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The final/new game mode is Last Spartan Standing: a 12-player free-for-all where participants have five lives to come out on top. Each time someone earns a kill during that mode, they have to adapt to a new loadout. This game mode isn’t a battle royale in the strictest of senses, but it isn’t not a battle royale, either. It’s kind of a combination of a battle royale title and the Gun Game mode seen in titles like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike.

While gamers were disappointed Halo Infinite’s campaign didn’t ship with a co-op mode, 343 has been hard at work on one, and, according to the studio’s roadmap, fans will finally be able to join forces in the campaign sometime late in August. Until then, the studio has a compromise to keep gamers satisfied. Season 2 of Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer will feature “narrative events,” complete with their own storyline. This addition isn’t the same as playing through the campaign with a friend, but it will scratch the same co-op itch. Moreover, as gamers progress through the storyline, they will witness new events and cutscenes that star their character in all their customized glory. If anyone ever wanted to see a Spartan with mechanical cat ears save the day, the Lone Wolves storyline will give them that opportunity. Not only will 343 release new narrative chapters as Season 2 progresses, but this trend will also continue in subsequent updates.

Season 2 will also include many other additions that are now standard for live service multiplayer games, such as quality of life improvements and a new Battle Pass. Depending on which track they utilize, players can earn free and premium cosmetic content, including kill effects, helmets, gun charms, and paint jobs. Players can also acquire XP boosts and extra in-game cash through the Battle Pass.

Are you excited for Halo Infinite Season 2? What new or returning feature are you looking forward to the most? What do you want to see in Season 3? Let us know in the comments below.