Good News Gaming: how FIFA 19 is showing its support for War Child

FIFA 19 and a host of other sports games have clubbed together to support a good cause...

With our semi-regular ‘Good News Gaming’ column, we’re aiming to amplify the nicer side of the gaming community that maybe doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Today, we’ve a great campaign from FIFA 19 and War Child to share…

FIFA, as a series, doesn’t always bring out the best in us. Over the years, our fumbled goal-scoring opportunities have trigged controller-lobbing fits of outrage, and our multiplayer matches have often ended in friendship-testing arguments and embarrassing apologies on social media. But this week, FIFA 19 is showing its support for a good cause and giving us a chance to be better.

As you may have seen around the web or in the game, FIFA 19 has been given public and proud support to War Child over the last few days. If you’re unfamiliar, War Child is a charity that protects, educates and generally stands up for young people who live in areas that are affected by conflicts. It’s very meaningful work that they do, and we’re very proud of the FIFA team for getting involved.

They’ve been doing this in numerous ways, all of which have helped to amplify War Child’s message and get the charity on the radar of FIFA fans. There was a big celebrity tournament on Twitch, for one thing, where gamers could watch such stars as The Inbetweeners’ Blake Harrison partaking in some FIFA action.

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There is also a handful of War Child kits that have been added into the game itself, with FIFA 19‘s huge player base having the opportunity to earn these fancy threads through gameplay. To win these kits, players need to complete some challenges: the red-and-black home kit requires the player to assist five goals with through balls, while the technicoloured away kit is earned by scoring five goals from crosses. We’re sure you’ll agree that they’re both absolute beauties…

“We’re happy to take part in War Child FC and let FIFA 19 players help raise awareness with a unique in-game item,” says EA’s Charlie Weir in a statement. “It’s no secret that the FIFA community is broad and diverse, really engaged and with a passionate attitude, making FIFA 19 the perfect platform to highlight a deeply important cause. We encourage all our players to take part, have fun and keep playing so children can play.”

FIFA isn’t the only sports game showing its support for War Child, either. Numerous popular titles, including WWE 2K19 and NBA 2K Playgrounds 2, are featured in a special Steam sale that is donating its proceeds to War Child’s cause.

Wayne Emanuel of War Child has said this, making it clear that this support is very much appreciated: “We’re blown away by the support we’ve received from across the games world for War Child FC, a brand-new programme connecting communities and bringing play to the lives of children in war. The language of football is uniting, perfectly represented in FIFA 19’s popularity, giving us the ability to raise awareness of our cause. Every game and every player that takes part in some way this year makes a real difference.”

How can you get involved? Well, you can click here to buy a bargain sports game from the Steam Sports sale, or click here to go straight to the War Child website where you can make a donation directly. And then, safe in the knowledge that you’ve supported a good cause, why not pop onto FIFA and enjoy those snazzy new kits?