Gangstas In Space DLC, Review (XBOX 360)

Stepping into the spotlight in Saints Row 3, is the movie making scene worth the DLC points?

Saint Row: the Third’s Gangstas in Space puts us in the starring role of lead actor/actress in a B-movie science fiction action romance (and yes, that’s a lot of genres for one film). It starts out with the director Andy Zhan, a huge fan of The Saints of course, inviting you to your first shoot. While your performance can seemingly do no wrong, the director takes out some serious wrath on your lovely co-star, Jenny Jaros (a reference to lead writer Steve Jaros) as she takes on the role of your love interest, Princess Kwilanna.

The director being a jerk to Jenny is just the start of the “fun” as your role takes an interesting turn, especially as the scenes become a little too realistic for comfort. Will Jenny stand up for herself? Will the director kill you both in a fit of rage over an extra being in the wrong spot? Will unknowing grunts die because someone forgot to make the ammo rounds blanks? For the answers, you’ll need to tune in to… *cheesy sci-fi voice* Gangstas in Space!

The story is, like all Saints Row stories, out of the park crazy, fun and entertaining. Gangstas in Space adds three playable missions, ten extra achievements, some interesting alien weapons I wish you could keep and some nice new vehicles, my favorite being the alien space ship that flies like a VTOL. 

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While I’m trying not to give too much away, the DLCs are quite short. Here are some quick pros and cons on so you can gauge your interest level:


New playable missions;New achievements to unlock;New funny moments;New vehicles;New Homies afterwards (Jenny Jaros and a new type of Brute).


Don’t get to keep the alien weapons;Only get three playable missions (though they’re not short, so that’s good).

I’d say pros and cons alone gives us a good idea as to how good this DLC is, but I’m here to tell you: The cons aren’t even that big a deal. So, is worth it? Definitely.

Check out my reviews of Genkibowl and Trouble With Clones. If all three sound good, the Season Pass might be the way to go for you, since it includes all three.

“Saints Row forever, y’all.”

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4.5 out of 5