Fashion Dash PC review

Lucy puts her clicks to work building a virtual fashion empire in her latest go at the Dash casual gaming line...

Fashion Dash isn’t a brand new title, but since it belongs to my beloved Dash franchise I thought it would be worth backtracking. I’m glad I did, Fashion Dash is a great little game.

As with all of the Dash titles, you have a mission. In Fashion Dash, you play as Coco and your aim is to create a fashion empire, one custom fit at a time. You’ve found a need in the market for fashionable clothing and in response open up stores in various towns to give the customers what they want. Of course, each customer wants something different so you have to plan accordingly.

The gameplay is as you’d expect. You’re presented with a series of customers that need serving. You drag them from the waiting area onto a chair with a changing room. You then give them a catalogue so they can look through and decide what clothing they want, and in which colour. You must then take their order, give it to the tailoress and deliver it to them when it’s been made. The customer will try it on and then appear from the changing room eager to give you your hard-earned cash.

As the game progresses, more characters are introduced with different personalities, including: Businessmen, Guitar Girls, Heiresses and Starlets. Some are more patient than others, so you have to plan accordingly or you’ll end up with them walking out and losing you much-needed money.

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Extra items are gradually introduced as you work your way through the game, for example, perfume, jewellery, shoes and handbags, all adding an extra gameplay element for you to contend with. The trick is to chain all your manoeuvres to maximise your score. Various bonuses are also available, so look to seat grannies together for a Gossip Bonus, serve customers speedily for a Fast Service bonus, and so on.

In total, you’ll run five fashion outlets, and each one has ten levels. I’ve found that some of the Dash games have been easier than others, but I would say that Fashion Dash has the right balance. It wasn’t so easy that I went through every level without failing, but I didn’t have to re-do so many levels that I got bored and frustrated – it was just right. Unfortunately, the storyline (if you even take any notice of them, I don’t generally) was a little flat and the ending had no sparkle at all. I got to the end and was disappointed with the lack of celebration and congratulation for completing the game.

Overall, an excellent way to spend your lunch hours – even if lacking a little polish, Fashion Dash will keep casual gamers entertained for a good few hours.


4 out of 5