Crash Bandicoot Leak Reveals New Mobile Game

Crash Bandicoot is barging into the infinite runner genre.

It looks like Crash Bandicoot is about to enter the world of mobile gaming, with a new leak suggesting that an infinite runner game is in the works that will bring Activision’s iconic franchise onto phones round the globe. Of course, this is a tried and test route to turn a platforming character into a mobile favorite: we’ve already seen Super Mario Run achieve the exact same feat for Nintendo’s beloved plumber.

Artwork and a product description has been unearthed by fans, who spotted an advert for the Crash Bandicoot mobile game on Facebook and promptly shared their findings on Twitter. The news was quickly shared by such legitimate outlets as Kotaku, which has us thinking that an official announcement from Activision can’t be far off.

According to the Twitter user @JumpButtonCB, the game will be called Crash Bandicoot Mobile. This user’s Tweet also includes four images, which appear to be official promo materials for the game. One of them is a thumbnail-sized artwork, which includes the logo for King. If you’re unfamiliar, King is an Activision-owned mobile gaming studio that is best known for creating the Candy Crush Saga franchise. If you were looking to convert Crash into a popular mobile experience, you could do a lot worse than asking the developers at King.

Here’s the Tweet and the images…

Kotaku also has a screen-shot of a product description, which claims that Crash and Coco will both be playable in the game, and that Dr Neo Cortex will be the main baddie. Players will apparently be invited to “jump, slide, spin and surf on the iconic tracks of the Wumpa Island” as they battle their way towards Cortex. You’ll also be able to uncover hidden paths and secret passages, as well as building up a base of operations where you can “create an arsenal of weapons” and “harvest crops to produce powerful serums”.

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This all sounds very feasible, and we wouldn’t be surprised to hear some official information in the next few days. It’s also worth remembering that the existence of this mobile game does not rule out Activision having other Crash Bandicoot projects in the works. If anything, this proves that they haven’t forgotten about the character. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as we hear more.