Cancelled Batman Arkham Game Revealed by Concept Art Leak

Holy unexpected news, Batman! A concept art leak seems to have unearthed a cancelled Batman Arkham game...

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There hasn’t been a Batman Arkham game released since Rocksteady’s Arkham Knight glided onto consoles in 2015. And now it looks like Warner Bros Montreal, who previously made the prequel Arkham Origins, did try to develop a new instalment in the franchise.

This news comes to us today through a leak, with a Twitter user called @slcmof posting some concept art that they claim comes from a now-cancelled Warner Bros Montreal project that was “most likely a Batman Arkham Knight sequel, but we cannot know for sure.” We should, of course, be sceptical about these images, since they haven’t come from an official source.

These pictures are interesting to look at, though, showing a grim version of Gotham with ‘the end is nigh’ graffiti plastered across it. There is also an updated version of Two-Face, the iconic villain that previously appeared in Rocksteady’s Arkham City and Arkham Knight. There is also a female Black Mask, who could be some sort of successor to the male foe we faced in WB Montreal’s own Arkham Origins game…

After that initial tweet, which also suggests that the Damian Wayne version of Batman would’ve starred in the game, the same user posted some other intriguing pictures. We see Dick Grayson in his own clothes, Poison Ivy with shorter-than-usual hair, and Gorilla Grodd (usually a foe of The Flash) sipping on a drink…

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Very cool designs wondering why gorilla grodd was planned for this tho he%u2019s typically a flash villain — Jack Davies (@JackDav501) August 13, 2019

There’s also this image of White Rabbit, a villain from the comics, suggesting a storyline that could have followed on from the Mad Hatter materials in Arkham Knight

The working title for this game seems to have been Project Sabbath, but your guess is as good as ours as to what that might mean.

If these leaked images are legit, they leave us with plenty of questions: when exactly was this game being made? How far along did they get? Why was it cancelled? Was it a full title or some sort of DLC for Arkham Knight? Could it ever be dusted off and finished?

We’ll let you know if the answers to these questions ever come to light. The fact that team at Rocksteady, the originators of the Batman Arkham gaming franchise, are currently working on their own mysterious AAA game could yet give us some insight into the future of DC gaming.

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