15 Best Pokémon Featured in New Pokémon Snap

Which of New Pokémon Snap's 200+ Pokémon are the most photogenic? Let's go through the game's Pokémon list...

New Pokemon Snap
Photo: Nintendo

There are over 200 Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap, and finding all of them is going to require you to explore every possibility in the long-awaited follow-up to one of the best Pokémon spin-offs ever: 1999’s Pokémon Snap.

Of course, while you may want to take pictures of some Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap because you’re trying to catch (photos of) them all, there are undoubtedly some Pokémon you’ll find yourself endlessly snapping pictures of for the simple fact that you just can’t help but fall for their looks, charms, and undeniably photogenic nature. Here’s a full list of all the Pokémon in the game.

But which Pokémon in the upcoming sequel is the most photogenic of them all? That’s the question we’ll try to answer as we take a look at the best Pokémon in the game on the basis of which are the most camera-ready.

Murkrow Pokemon

15. Murkrow

You know that feeling when you buy a new hat and someone compliments you on it? With his unique head shape, Murkrow basically lives in that feeling. Bonus points also have to be awarded in this instance for the fact that Murkrow’s witch hat-style dome doubles as a built-in Halloween costume that never goes out of style.

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Meganium Pokemon

14. Meganium

Yes, Meanium’s spot on this list is really all about the petal. Not since Mr. T introduced suburbia to the stylistic benefits of wearing multiple gold chains has a neck accessory made us look at the mirror and think “my neck could be so much more than the thing that connects my head to my torso.” Then again, who among us could wear it so well? 

Liepard Pokemon

13. Liepard

In the Pokémon remake of To Catch a Thief (which, in a just world, would be the crime epic starring the foils to that narc, Detective Pikachu) Liepard would play the Grace Kelly role. Maybe it’s the patches around the eyes or the fact the character could escape a sticky situation quite fast, but there’s something about Liepard’s design that screams “stylish thief” in the best way possible. 

Toucannon Pokemon

12. Toucannon

Oh sure, Toucannon is really just a Toucan, but don’t sit there and act like that’s somehow not impressive. This bird’s might multi-color horn is a nature photographer’s dream, but it’s that sneer that always seems to grace this Pokémon’s face that lets us all know that he’s aware we want to take pictures of him and, in true supermodel fashion, isn’t about to smile for our benefit. 

Bidoof Pokemon

11. Bidoof

I’m sorry that Bidoof’s giant buckteeth don’t conform to your traditional standards of beauty. I apologize that this dentist’s nightmare has to constantly gnaw on hard surfaces to keep his monstrous teeth from growing. Pardon me for recognizing that this king of beavers is the kind of Pokémon that can fill the space on your digital camera as you desperately snap pictures of everything it is. 

Florges Pokemon

10. Florges

I’m a little bothered to think that Florges is the kind of Pokémon whose looks help ensure that they could murder someone and get away with it, but I’m not going to sit here and pretend that this won’t be one of the most photogenic Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap. Just be aware that this Pokémon protects beautiful gardens, so if you get too close to one, there’s a not-small chance they will murder you and get away with it. 

Hoothoot Pokemon

9. Hoothoot

It’s a small crime that Hoothoot’s eyes get smaller as the Pokémon evolves. I suspect its eyes are a defensive mechanic designed to protect it from predators while it’s young, but those eyes do nothing to protect it from the gaze of wandering photographers. While the fact that Hoothoot cries and tilts its head in rhythm at the same time every day doesn’t technically impact its rating on this list, I can guarantee you it doesn’t hurt. 

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Lapras Pokemon

8. Lapras

One of the original Pokémon remains among the series’ most photogenic creations all these years later. Lapras size and imposing stature made it feel like a legendary Pokémon before we even knew there were legendary Pokémon. Watching one emerge from the water was a Kodak moment in the original Pokémon Snap, and it seems like the perfect picture of this creature will be just as momentous in the new game. 

Stoutland Pokemon

7. Stoutland

Coming to you from out of left field is a little love for Stoutland. While not necessarily one of the Pokémon that you think about when you start thinking of the Pokémon you can’t wait to take pictures of in New Pokemon Snap, this creature’s giant mustache, canine-like features, and wise nature make it a stealth star of some truly great photos. I’m a little worried that the fact its social status is partially determined by the length of its mustache secretly means it’s secretly a 2012 hipster, but Stoutland is hard to hate. 

Comfey Pokemon

6. Comfey

Comfey’s colors will surely draw any photographer’s eye, but the thing that really impresses me about this Pokémon is the idea that it could have starred in a direct-to-video ‘80s Japanese ghost movie that you rented from Blockbuster based on the absurdity of its cover. I don’t truly trust this flower spirit, but I do respect it and suspect I’ll end up taking quite a few pictures of it even if it is out of some kind of Fatal Frame-like defensive instinct. 

Primarina Pokemon

5. Primarina

Maybe Primarina is clearly designed to grab your attention, but when you’re talking about photogenic Pokémon, it’s hard to ignore the creature that looks like it’s constantly ready to walk the red carpet. Bonus points in this instance are awarded to Primarina’s operatic attacks which are not only appropriately theatrical for a game about photography but remind us that the sweetest revenge of all is taking someone to the opera. 

Sobble Pokemon

4. Sobble

Yeah, Sobble is cute, but most Pokémon are. The real draw of this creature in New Pokémon Snap is its camouflage abilities which should ensure that taking a truly great picture of Sobble will require a little more work. Yes, they also mean that Sobble is pretty much the Predator of the Pokémon universe, but since it’s never done any harm to Carl Weathers so far as I’m aware, I hold no grudges against it. 

Torterra Pokemon

3. Torterra

If you were expecting this list to end without a shoutout to the Pokémon that practically carries the world on its shoulders, you were tragically mistaken. Yes, this 700 lbs of awesome creature is largely immobile, but who among us can cast the first stone on that one? As the Detective Pikachu movie proved, Torterra looks great on-screen and should still the show in many New Pokémon Snap photos.

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Sawsbuck Pokemon

2. Sawsbuck 

Due respect to Eevee, but when you’re talking about photogenic Pokémon with evolving looks, then it’s hard to beat Sawsbuck. As a Pokémon whose looks change with the seasons, Sawsbuck is the rare creature in these games that actually updates its fashion over the course of the year. It’s called style, folks, and Sawsbuck has it. Now, we just need to see how Sawsbuck’s looks change in New Pokémon Snap

Pichu Pokemon

1. Pichu

I remember fans debating whether or not Pichu was just a cheap Pikachu cash-in when the creature was first revealed. All these years later, though, it’s clear that Pichu is like when Batman gets a new suit in the movies. Was the decision partially inspired by someone’s desire to sell additional toys without needing to come up with a new design? Absolutely, but I still want one.