WWE Needs to Break Up The New Day

The New Day has qualified for Money in the Bank, but nothing is fresh about their act ...

WWE just can’t help itself, can it?

Back before WrestleMania, it was Braun Strowman winning a tag-team battle royal as a singles competitor on an episode of Monday Night Raw, awarding Strowman a shot at the Raw Tag Team Titles despite not having a partner.

We all know what happened … Strowman teamed up with a 10-year-old kid he picked out of the crowd in New Orleans and won the belts, before giving them back the next night on Raw.

WWE is pulling the exact same angle, only this time in reverse as the company heads towards Money in the Bank in two weeks.

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New Day qualified for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. That’s right, a tag team qualified for a singles match.

Sound familiar?

The last few weeks have been spent with New Day wondering which of them will actually compete in the match.

The entertainment value of the storyline hasn’t been enough to warrant the time WWE is spending on this angle. Sure, it gives New Day “something to do” on the show, but a situation like this should be teasing dissension among team members. Instead, New Day was on SmackDown this week and it was more “pancake” humor from the group.

The whole New Day schtick is growing tired. Now feels like a good time to separate the group, and this feels like the right angle to get that accomplished. But WWE doesn’t seem interested in heading in that direction. Instead, New Day blissfully ignores Money in the Bank while throwing pancakes into the crowd.

We wrote coming out of Raw how Elias is finally being taken more seriously by WWE management. New Day, meanwhile, continues to toil with this silly gimmick that is losing its comedic value at a rapid pace.

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Everything New Day has done is a retread. First there were Booty-O’s, and now they throw pancakes. … There’s just nothing new about the New Day anymore.

Looking ahead, who should take the Money in the Bank spot? Probably Kofi Kingston. His style fits the match in the best possible way. But regardless of who takes the role, the other members should get jealous, and the group needs a reboot. Either someone needs to be broken off, or the group itself needs to be totally disbanded, because there’s no longer anything fresh about them.

It’s the law of diminishing returns. If the act doesn’t evolve, eventually it will die. That’s where New Day is right now.