WWE Introduces 24/7 Title on Raw

The new championship can be defended anywhere, and at all times ...

WWE introduced a new championship title on last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

Because that’s what needed fixing in WWE! There needed to be more titles!

Mick Foley was brought in last night to announce WWE’s new 24/7 Championship. Remember the old Hardcore title in the late-90’s? It had the 24/7 rule, where it could be defended at all times, even in airports, restaurants, hotel rooms, backstage, in the ring, on a plane, on a train … anywhere.

WWE is bringing that gimmick back, but with a new TV-PG era, they’re eliminating the “hardcore” name from the title and just giving it a “24/7” name.

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There were three champions “crowned” on the first night. Titus O’Neil won the title first, winning a scramble to the ring and grabbing the belt first. Bobby Roode pinned Titus O’Neil on the ramp on his way back from celebrating his win and then R-Truth – who currently has the title – pinned Roode in the parking lot.

The elimination of the brand split with the “wild card rules” and now this ridiculous new title is just another example of Vince McMahon being painfully out of touch. His ratings are dwindling on a weekly basis and Vince has no idea what to do to get his company back on track.

It’s not “creative.” By all accounts, creative has plenty of good ideas. Vince just doesn’t listen. They’re writing the show for an audience of one, and the millions that used to watch the show on a weekly basis are shrinking by the week.

The 24/7 title is, essentially, a comedy championship. Can you believe that? Vince McMahon’s big idea to get his ratings back on track is to eliminate the brand split — which he’s done before — and introduce a comedy championship.

Sounds like the guy really has his finger on the pulse of what his audience wants.

Meanwhile, AEW is set to make its debut on Saturday night and they’ll premiere on TNT in the fall. Vince was a genius, but now he’s a stubborn know-it-all who isn’t receptive to outside ideas and his company is paying the price. The stock price is great, and it will remain that way thanks to big TV money, but if the audience keeps shrinking the way that it has over the last six months, that TV money will dry up once this mega-deal with Fox and NBC Universal expires in a few years.

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Then what?

By then, AEW could be feeding the fans that have lapsed on the WWE product in recent years.

WWE is never going away. They’re too big for that to happen. But their market share is about to get smaller, and maybe a lot smaller, depending on whether or not Vince can get out of his own way and let the creative people run the creative direction of his company.