WrestleMania 34 Match for Daniel Bryan Looks Likely

Daniel Bryan looks ready for WWE action at WrestleMania 34 already!

WWE announced that Daniel Bryan was cleared to return to in-ring action on Tuesday afternoon, and Tuesday night, he was flying around the ring like old times against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Bryan didn’t make his official in-ring return, but after a segment where the SmackDown GM had to “fire” Owens and Zayn for brutally attacking Shane McMahon on last week’s show, Owens and Zayn snapped and viciously attacked Bryan in the ring.

The segment was booked really well, though. About one minute into the attack, Bryan made a comeback on the heels and the arena exploded into “Yes!” chants. Bryan hit dives on both Owens and Zayn in the corner and then setup Owens for his signature kick spot in the middle of the ring, as the crowd counted along with Bryan’s kicks to Owens’ chest.

Soon after the brief hope spot, Owens and Zayn were back on the attack again, bringing Bryan to the outside and eventually powerbombing him on the ring apron to end the show, leaving him laying on the outside of the ring in a heap after receiving the powerbomb.

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What’s next is Bryan’s eventual in-ring return. Being so close to WrestleMania 34  it obviously makes sense to book the return match there. And, given that Bryan and McMahon were both savagely beaten by Owens and Zayn on back-to-back episodes of SmackDown, it’s only logical that Bryan’s return match at WrestleMania will be a tag-team match, where he teams with McMahon against Owens and Zayn.

This is good for multiple reasons. First, it allows Bryan to ease his way back into the ring. It he feels like he’s getting blown up in the match, he has someone he can go to and tag. McMahon is also there to get a lot of the heat. I’m sure the match will be structured where Shane gets beaten up for a long time, and then Shane finally makes the hot tag on Bryan, who comes in and cleans house and eventually beats one of the heels for the win.

That’s how the match should be booked, anyway. The SuperDome will explode when Bryan gets that tag, and while it does put Shane McMahon in a top spot on the show, he’s not in a one-on-one match with Undertaker of AJ Styles. He’s not going to be made to look like an equal. Shane’s roll in this match will be to get beat up, with Bryan making the eventual save.

We expect this will be confirmed shortly.