Why Does Vince McMahon Hate Ricochet?

After losing to Brock Lesnar at Super ShowDown, Ricochet lost a 24/7 Title Match on RAW

WWE Riddick Moss and Ricochet
Photo: WWE

What on Earth did Ricochet do to piss off Vince McMahon?

Last Thursday afternoon, Ricochet was beaten in about three minutes by Brock Lesnar in a WWE Championship match at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia. Twitter groaned after the loss, but quite frankly, it made a lot of sense. Ricochet is an amazing talent and he could easily be in a main-event level position on RAW, but he’s never been booked that way. Lesnar needed to look like a monster again ahead of his title defense against Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania, so plowing through Ricochet in a matter of a few minutes made all the booking sense in the world.

If Ricochet had been more protected, then it’s a different story. But Ricochet had been defined, by WWE, as a nice piece in the mid-card, but really not a threat to break through and establish himself as a main-eventer. Again, from a pure talent standpoint, he absolutely belongs at the top, but this is WWE and they’re not always looking for talent.

While Ricochet’s loss in Saudi Arabia was fine and dandy, his loss to Riddick Moss, in a 24/7 Championship match on Monday’s RAW, was insanity.

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Riddick Moss? Really?

WWE played up, through the announce team, that Ricochet was “feeling the effects” of the Lesnar match, but of all people to have Ricochet lose to, Riddick Moss? How many of you even know who Riddick Moss is?

Essentially, he’s the ultimate Vince McMahon guy. Sure, Ricochet can pull a five-star match out of his butt almost any time he wants, but Riddick Moss has the inflated muscles and he played big-time college football at Minnesota. He even flamed out in the NFL after a tryout with the Dolphins. Sound familiar?

It should, because Riddick Moss is cut out of the Roman Reigns mold. They traveled the same path. And so Riddick Moss can’t wrestle his way out of a paper bag, who cares? Well, at least not Vince McMahon, anyway.

To a much lesser extent, Ricochet is getting passed over for Riddick Moss the same way Daniel Bryan was getting passed over for Roman Reigns.

And that’s not even addressing the giant elephant in the room. Ricochet was wrestling for the top championship in the company, on a pay-per-view, last Thursday. Four days later, he’s wrestling, and losing, in a match for the 24/7 Championship? The title that has been treated like a total joke since the second it was introduced? The title that R-Truth was defending in hotel rooms and airport lounges? Four days after supposedly earning a world championship match, Ricochet is relegated to a 24/7 Championship match? It doesn’t make any sense. If he’s even in the picture for the 24/7 Championship, he shouldn’t have been worthy of the WWE Championship match. Not only that, but you have him come back and lose to someone who has trouble throwing a believable hip toss?

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I was fine with Ricochet’s booking at Super ShowDown, and I was probably in the minority. But his booking on RAW? That was total garbage. And again, there’s only one 74-year-old man to blame.