Superhero costumes for Halloween (and a few villain ones)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's you and your chums looking rad in superhero costumes this Halloween...

Superheroes are so hot right now. There’s nothing that film studios are serving up more of at the moment than caped crusaders, loveable antiheroes and other colourfully-clothed icons ripped straight from the comic book page.

But what about me and you and the other everymen? When do we get to dress up in silly outfits?

Well, outside of Comic Cons, cosplay events, themed parties and Fathers4Justice demonstrations, the only answer I can think of to that question is this: Halloween. That wonderful time of your where you can dress up as anything you like, in the name of not looking like a spoilsport at a party.  

To help you find the best superhero costumes to dazzle your fellow partygoers with this October, we’ve teamed up with our chums at Amazon to compile a list of comic book-inspired outfits from their vast stockrooms. These vary from unforgiving Spidey Morphsuits to a brilliant Wolverine costume that apes the classic 1990s cartoon’s take on his look.

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Oh, and also: if you’ve got a Halloween costume idea to share with us – the more super, the better – do feel free to plonk it in the comments below.

Have a heroic Halloween, folks! (Unless you choose one of the villain costumes we snuck in there…)

Maximum effort: buy this Deadpool costume from Amazon and get a free pass to mock your friends all evening, because that’s what Wade Wilson would do.

You can buy this Harley Quinn costume now from Amazon and show your love for Suicide Squad this Halloween. Make sure to BYOB (bring your own baseball bat).

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Buy this Captain America costume from Amazon, and then spend the entire Halloween party pretending not to understand any costumes or references alluding to films produced after 1943.

Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man! You can buy this Morphsuit from Amazon.


Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na BATMAN! Buy this Batfleck-inspired costume from Amazon today.

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Rock the classic Wolverine look this Halloween. Buy the Wolverine costume from Amazon and spend the office Halloween party pretending you don’t know who you are.

Upstage Batman and Superman during their scuffle by showing up as Wonder Woman this Halloween. Buy the costume from Amazon.

Relive Chadwick Boseman’s Civil War performance by buying this Black Panther costume from Amazon and looking awesome this Halloween.

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Buy this The Flash costume now from Amazon – quick!

Buy this Black Widow costume from Amazon. Spend your Halloween party threatening to leak people’s files on the internet.

Don’t forget to make sarcastic remarks all evening after you buy this Tony Stark costume from Amazon.

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Ace that ‘everyone from my home planet is dead’ look by buying this Superman costume from Amazon.

Why so serious? Put a smile on that face by buying this Dark Knight-esque Joker costume through Amazon.