Sailor Moon Crystal: Season 2 Blu-ray/DVD review

We've taken a look at the Sailor Moon Crystal Season 2 Blu-ray and DVD set.

Now that Season 2 of Sailor Moon Crystal is out on Blu-ray and DVD, you can enjoy it whenever and wherever you want, and for any Sailor Moon fan, there’s plenty to enjoy.

The arrival of Chibi-Usa, the Black Moon Clan, and the mysterious Sailor Pluto make for some crazy time travel shenanigans, while the abduction of Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter for roughly half the arc really streamlines the main cast, allowing focus on Usagi and Mamoru’s deepening relationship as well as the effect Chibi-Usa’s presence has on it. This cast thinning also allows for some long overdue attention for Venus, a latecomer in Season 1 who up until this point hadn’t gotten much screen time.

Like the Season 1 set, the animation for the episodes, which was rather rough in places in the initial online release, has been touched up so that you’re definitely getting the best version available. The overall presentation is solid. The menu screens are nice and easily navigable.

But for people getting the DVDs or Standard Edition Blu-rays, there isn’t much beyond the show itself. The special features on the discs are few and pretty spare. Like before, this set’s true strength lies in its Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray set, which features beautiful packaging, collectable cards of the Japanese Blu-ray covers, and the companion booklet, which is the jewel in its crown. This thing is seriously gorgeous and in-depth with character profiles, an episode guide, cast interviews, and more. The booklet is really, by a longshot, what makes this set worth it. For technical specs on the sets themselves, click here.

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Bottom line, for collectors who are willing to go all the way and purchase the Limited Edition Blu-rays, it’s a worthy investment. But if you’re going for any other version of this release, the satisfaction of owning a hard copy of these episodes better be enough to satisfy you, because you’re not going to find much else on the discs themselves.

The set is available on Amazon.


3.5 out of 5