Rare Planetary Alignment Confirms Universal Insignificance

The Moon aligns with Jupiter, Mars and Saturn before dawn Thursday - and Friday will still happen.

Nostradamus foretold it in a Quatrain. Mashallah ibn Athari confirmed it for the caliphate. Vashistha vetted it in Vedic. There will be an alignment of the planets across the moon that will cause nothing to happen. There will be no earthquakes, the tides won’t be affected. Life will continue as we know it, and breakfast will be served to most. The Moon will align with Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn in the south-east sky before dawn on Thursday, March 8.

For those with a good view, it will be a colorful spectacle, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. The clouds of Jupiter make the planet look white. Mars is red. Saturn is pale yellow, and the bright quarter moon was made by Stanley Kubrick. The red star Antares will add some shading between Mars and Jupiter. Left of Saturn is Pluto, still struggling for its place in the stratosphere.

The waning moon will look smaller and smaller over the next few days until it goes crescent on March 11. Through most of March, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto will take up the southern sky before sunrise. Saturn sits in Sagittarius, Mars in Ophiuchus, and Jupiter in Libra. “Of the planets, Jupiter rises the earliest, around midnight [local time], followed by Mars at 2 a.m. and Saturn at 3 a.m.,” according to the blog by AccuWeather’s Dave Samuhel. The moon will fall in line between Jupiter and Mars before dawn on March 8.

The arrangement will be visible for a few weeks. You can see Jupiter, Mars and Saturn with the naked eye, but will probably need at least binoculars to see Pluto.

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While the alignments are mainly decorative astronomically, they will also have no affect astrologically, but that doesn’t mean nothing’s happening in the stars.

“Early Tuesday, Mercury, and Venus move from Pisces into Aries, clearing the fog from one’s thinking and directing us to go from talking about something to doing something, time for action,” Laura Lenhard, the owner of the unique new age store Talisman & Cauldron, told Den of Geek. “Uranus is already in Aries which creates a powerful energy for sudden, and perhaps chaotic, change.  However, these planets will be squaring Saturn and that will slow things considerably.”

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Lenhard is a  Southern California-raised witch and Divine Mother expert who promotes Universal Spirituality, the idea that all paths lead to one. Her mystical shop offers a safe zone to discuss all aspects of otherworldly beliefs with judgement. 

“Saturn asks ‘Is that really responsible?’ and has everyone second-guessing what seemed like a good idea at the time,” she explains. “Mars will also square Chiron in Pisces offering lessons learned the hard way.  But come the end of the month, when the Sun moves into Aries, I don’t know if even stick-in-the-mud Saturn will be able to slow this freight train down. The energy will be full speed ahead, with people running their mouths and writing checks they may not be able to cash.”

The planets in our solar system are cliquey, travelling in different circles, and orbiting the sun at different speeds. They can never quite get it together to align perfectly. Every couple decades we can see five planets forming a rough line. The last time this happened the Macarena was still almost popular, in April, 2002, when Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Mercury danced in formation.