Quiz: The Week In Geek – Picard, Star Wars, Nintendo and more

Will you be the envy of all your friends with a perfect score in this week's geeky quiz?

Happy Friday to you! Another working week is at its end, which means it’s time to ask your friends and colleagues what they are doing for the weekend and politely nod/smile at whatever they say. And if you need something else to do after that, we’ve got another Friday tradition here at Den Of Geek Towers: we call it The Week In Geek Quiz!

This is the weekly slot on the site where we ask 12 mildly brain-testing questions about the geeky talking points of the last seven days, attempting to find out which of you lovely readers has been paying the most attention. The prize for getting full marks? Well, that would be… *checks notes*… a warm feeling of satisfaction, and at least seven days worth of bragging rights. And if you do enjoy taking part in this mind-bothering experience, we would be very grateful if you would share it with someone else. Heck, instead of asking what Brenda from accounts is doing this weekend, why not send her a link and see if she can beat your score?

If you’re looking for some clues about the content of this week’s quiz, it’s worth remembering that this week’s nerdy news saw a fresh type of Stormtrooper revealed for Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker, a dog-revealing poster shared for the upcoming Star Trek: Picard TV series, and a cheaper version of the Nintendo Switch unveiled to try and tempt gamers into a purchase. To find out which other topics from movie, TV and games news are in this week’s quiz, you’ll just need to click into the widget below and get cracking…

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