Lucha Underground: The 10 Best Storylines from Season 1

El Rey's grindhouse wrestling has been catching on over the past year and a half thanks to a great first season. Here are some highlights.

This article contains Lucha Underground spoilers. And yes, that actually matters.

As WWE stumbles into the Road to WrestleMania and TNA struggles to stay afloat, many wrestling fans are stoked as Lucha Underground season 2 hit the ground running and we have much more to look forward to in the next several months. Plus, it’s already been renewed for a third season.

The first season caught on as a big cult hit, even though it was hurt by its lack of exposure. Not enough people get the El Rey Network and as of now there are no DVDs or legal streams of the episodes outside of various matches that get posted on El Rey’s YouTube channel. With all the good word of mouth, hopefully it’ll be easier to check out soon enough.

So what is Lucha Underground? Lucha Underground is a crazy mixture of Mortal Kombat, Wrestling Society X, WMAC Masters, and a telenovella. It’s about Dario Cueto, a slimy and charismatic businessman who has hired wrestlers from all over to battle it out in his Temple in Boyle Heights. Dario prizes violence over honor and will go out of his way to sow hatred between even the closest friends for the sake of seeing blood spilled.

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Several things separate Lucha Underground from other wrestling shows. For one, a lot of the storylines are told via more cinematic backstage scenes that aren’t “widely seen.” To be more specific, you know how someone could secretly betray someone on Raw backstage with it being established that everyone just saw that because there’s openly a camera man just standing there? They don’t do that here. Dario Cueto has literally (well…in the show’s continuity) had people killed and only the audience knows about it. The commentators haven’t seen it. The other wrestlers haven’t seen it. We just happen to see it as if it’s just another TV show.

They also go a bit weirder. Many wrestlers rely on the old Undertaker logic where fantasy is heavily integrated into what’s going on and nobody questions it. One wrestler is a dragon. One wrestler is a human rocket. One is a man who is unable to die. One is the personification of Death and is planked by a teleporting sorceress and a trio of skeleton men.

It’s completely over-the-top, but works. At the end of the day, the stories are still engaging and logical, giving us a beginning, middle, and end.

Through 39 episodes (told in an economical 40 hours), the first season of Lucha Underground absolutely killed it. Some awesome in-ring battles, crazy backstage scenes, and expert use of some WWE castaways like Ezekiel Jackson, Maxine, and Matt Cross made it a must-watch.

With the second season underway, here are the ten best storylines of the first season.


The Mack is a likeable powerhouse brought into the Temple by his cousin Big Ryck. Despite being close, Ryck made it clear that he’s most loyal to the almighty dollar and would fight his own family if need be. While it never came to that, the patch-wearing Ryck had to turn a blind eye to Mack’s suffering.

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DelAvar Daivari had acquired Ryck’s services and got them a title shot against the Trios Champions. All they needed is a third partner. Ryck suggested Mack, but then Cage – a jacked machine of a man – barged in and offered to take the spot. When asked what would make him a better choice, Cage annihilated Mack backstage and left him lying. Daivari accepted and off they went.

This best part of this was this incredibly cheesy, yet wonderful, moment where they missed their punches and momentarily locked arms while dramatically staring eye-to-eye. The sun suddenly flared in the background for the sake of flourish, and they went back to battling.

Daivari’s trio failed to win the titles, but the hatred between Mack and Cage continued on for the rest of the season. They would be too focused on each other in multi-man matches to worry about their other opponents.

Then when they had a singles match, Mack won fairly early on with a roll-up. They had a rematch and once again, Mack rolled Cage up for a surprise pin. This time it was in mere seconds. It was the perfect way to piss off a wrestler who’s dedicated to overpowering his enemies.

Things culminated at the big finale show Ultima Lucha. The two took part in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Their massive brawl spanned the Temple and came to an end when Cage smashed Mack’s head through a cinderblock.

Yeah, that would do it.


In Lucha Underground, inter-gender wrestling is the norm and there is no separate division for women. The figurehead for this novelty is Sexy Star, an abuse survivor who fights in the name of all women. One of her allies early on was Super Fly, a rather forgettable masked luchador amidst a world of more colorful opponents. Between his lust for conflict and his disgust at having women thriving in his wrestling ring, Dario Cueto decided to put the two of them in his tournament to crown the Trios Champions.

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Their partner? The unpredictable sadist Pentagon Jr. The psychotic skeleton ninja luchador was on a tear at the time, snapping the arms of his defeated opponents for the sake of sacrifice (more on that later). It was blatant, sadistic sabotage from Dario and it worked.

Although the three were able to work together in tandem for a moment, the trio lost the opening tournament match. Pentagon went to snap Super Fly’s arm, only for Sexy Star to make the save.

Dario decided to have these two friends face off in a friendly singles match. But before Sexy Star and Super Fly could get started, Dario stepped out to announce that it was going to be Mask vs. Mask. Usually, such a gimmick would be used to end a long-lasting blood feud and not something you’d randomly throw out like that, especially between two friends. Still, rules are rules and the two fought for their pride. Sexy Star came out the winner.

The two acted very emotional afterwards with Sexy Star apologetic about her win. Super Fly seemed to take it well and had her unmask him. Suddenly, Pentagon ran out, knocked Sexy Star to the outside and ambushed Super Fly. With Sexy Star unable to stop him, but still able to see it go down, Pentagon broke Super Fly’s arm.

This naturally turned into a full-on rivalry between Sexy Star and Pentagon Jr. Glossing over that, it ended in a submissions match, simply because it was Pentagon’s specialty and one of Sexy Star’s weaknesses. Miraculously, she got Pentagon locked in a hold that could have possibly made him tap. We’ll never know as an unmasked and healed-up Super Fly ran out and attacked Sexy Star. Pentagon made her submit and would have broken her arm if not for the intervention of Vampiro.

During his absence, Super Fly had become bitter and blamed Sexy Star for both the loss of his mask and the loss of his arm. They had a match together where Sexy Star still tried to get through to him as a friend, but Super Fly was completely ruthless and beat her rather decisively. He bragged about it in an interview, saying that he won because he would cross lines that Sexy Star wouldn’t.

This whole time, it seemed like Super Fly knew what he was talking about. After all, he was the one who was winning. But it ended up being a major mistake.

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See, when they had their final match against each other, Sexy Star no longer considered Super Fly a friend. Therefore, she could fight ruthlessly. And since Super Fly just came back from an arm injury, Sexy Star simply put him in an armbar within seconds and made him tap out.

After all that talk, he was so blinded by his confidence that he didn’t realize how easily he could be chumped out. That certainly shut him up.


As the show began, Johnny Mundo was one of the two main heroes and had a niche as the big name WWE castaway given a place to cut loose. He never really got to flap his wings as John Morrison, but here he was putting on awesome matches with Prince Puma, King Cuerno, and Angelico. When they crowned the first Lucha Underground Champion, Mundo came very close, but lost to his friendly rival Puma in the end.

In the wrestling world, Alberto Del Rio was making waves after leaving WWE in spectacular fashion. With a floundering career that was seemingly coming to an end, Del Rio found out an employee was making racist jokes about him and proceeded to slap the taste out of his mouth. That got him fired from WWE, but when he started making the rounds in the indies and AAA, he certainly had plenty of people on his side. He was almost like a folk hero. Soon he showed up on Lucha Underground as Alberto El Patron and gave a pumped, heartfelt speech to the audience.

Backstage, he came across familiar face Mundo and greeted him, albeit in a more passive aggressive way. There was a feeling of rivalry built in, partially because Mundo felt that this guy could be stealing his thunder. They kept it friendly enough, but there was definitely tension.

Both of them found out that Hernandez was being granted a title match against Prince Puma and disagreed with the decision. They felt that they were each more deserving. Dario Cueto put them in a singles match against each other where the winner would face Hernandez for the right to be #1 contender. What followed was a crazy good battle where they were very evenly matched, but El Patron squeaked through the tie at the end with a hard kick to Mundo’s head.

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Soon after, El Patron got his opportunity against Hernandez, but Mundo couldn’t let that happen. During the match, he showed up, grabbed El Patron, and slammed his head into the window to Dario’s office. Coincidentally, Dario was in his office while this was happening and his pleasantly surprised reaction is an absolute must-see. Not only did Hernandez win, but Dario decided he liked Mundo’s new attitude.

After Hernandez failed to unseat Puma, Mundo was handed a title match. An Iron Man Match taking place across an entire episode. Mundo had an advantage for much of it due to braining Puma with a crowbar and racking up a bunch of pins, but over time, Puma started making a comeback. Afraid of losing, Mundo tried to evade his opponent long enough for the clock to run out. It would have worked had El Patron not showed up to throw Mundo back into the ring and force him to fight. Prince Puma won by the time the clock hit zero.

Their hatred boiling, Mundo and El Patron were given a match at Ultima Lucha. Another great match, this one ended when Mundo’s girlfriend Melina showed up and interfered. Although Mundo won the match, El Patron got his final revenge by slamming HIS head through a window.


Cage made his debut in Lucha Underground shortly after Prince Puma was crowned the Lucha Underground Champion. Hyped up in the weeks leading up to his first match through video packages, Cage made his debut in an opening four-way match with fellow newcomers Aero Star, Angelico, and Argenis. Cage absolutely annihilated his opponents and proved himself to be a force of nature.

At the end of the show, Puma defeated Fenix. Immediately afterwards, Cage came in and beat down Puma, showing that he wasn’t going to wait for his title shot.

Dario Cueto liked that line of thinking, so he put Cage in a title match with Puma. The match went 10 minutes and Cage, growing a bit too frustrated, ended up getting himself disqualified. Puma’s manager Konnan tried to defend his friend, but Cage broke Konnan’s cane and left him lying next to his protégé. Then, to really make a statement, Cage took Puma’s title belt and tore it in half with his bare hands.

Dario didn’t mind and figured he’d just make a bigger and better belt. He decided that Cage deserved at least an opportunity to get another title shot. All he had to do was beat Puma in a non-title match. This time, Cage kept his anger in check and annihilated Puma. Konnan threw in the towel, deciding that with the title not on the line, this punishment was pointless for Puma to endure. Despite Puma’s misgivings, Konnan swore it was an act of strategy.

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Another title match was signed, this time a Boyle Height Street Fight where anything goes. In the lead-up, Hernandez showed up to Lucha Underground, played up as Konnan’s old friend, though Puma already got a bad vibe from him. More importantly, they spent various segments building up Konnan’s quest in getting a replacement cane.

Now, that might sound like the most boring thing ever, but they make it look like he had it made by Hephaestus himself. It’s this nigh-unbreakable metal cane and he proved its worth by beating up a bunch of punks in a rainstorm. This show, I swear…

In the final battle, Cage finally got his just desserts. With a little help from Hernandez and a lot of help from Konnan’s metal cane, Puma was finally able to pin the big man.

It wasn’t all too decisive, but it kept Cage in play as a monster while not bringing Puma to John Cena levels of being an unbeatable face, considering he had help.


Ever since losing his pet horse toy Pepe in WCW, Chavo’s never really caught on as his own man. He’s usually been an accessory to Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, and so on. He’s fine enough in the ring, but he’s never really stood out as someone to focus on.

Starting with the first episode of Lucha Underground, they succeeded in making Chavo genuinely compelling. The first episode was about Dario awarding thousands of dollars to whoever best impressed him over the night. The very first match was Blue Demon Jr. vs. Chavo and Chavo tapped out. If anyone was getting that money, it certainly wasn’t going to be Chavo.

Dario confronted him backstage to lay it on thick that he failed. He also said that in light of this, he was going to bring in someone very dangerous to take care of Blue Demon Jr. That ended up being series staple Mil Muertes.

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In the second week, Chavo worked alongside Sexy Star against Son of Havoc and Ivelisse as a face. When the time came for the main event, after Mil Muertes easily defeated Blue Demon Jr., Chavo ran out to make the save. Only then he started beating Blue Demon with a chair. Sexy Star came to talk him down, but Chavo smashed her with a chair and went back to work on Blue Demon.

The problem is, all Chavo did was make himself the most hated man because seemingly everyone wanted a piece. Blue Demon Jr. would obviously want his revenge upon coming back. Sexy Star would want revenge in the present and would indeed feud with Chavo for a while. Mil Muertes wasn’t very pleased with Chavo infringing on his reign of terror and intended to make him pay in the future.

But the BEST is that Konnan came up to Chavo and told him that what he did to Blue Demon Jr. pissed off Mexico and they were coming for him. Nobody specific. Just Mexico. The entire country of Mexico was going to come and make Chavo pay. The fact that they never delved deeper into this made it all the much better because Chavo was freaking out over this complete vagueness.

Chavo ended up leaving Lucha Underground to lay low for a while and came back to take part in a couple of different storylines that played up his status as Mexico’s target.


At the end of the first episode of Lucha Underground, Big Ryck (WWE’s Ezekiel Jackson) was introduced as the initial big bad. An unstoppable mountain of a man, Ryck would be seen smoking cigars while being planked by his cronies, the Crew. Mr. Cisco, Bael, and Cortez Castro acted as a gang where together they were tough to beat while separately they were barely above jobbers. Big Ryck answered to Dario Cueto while the Crew answered to Ryck.

The big feud for a while was Puma and Mundo against Ryck and the Crew. The faces won the feud and things started to fall apart when the show held the 20-man Aztec Warfare Match. Done in a style similar to the Royal Rumble, only with pinfalls and submissions, the Crew members were all eliminated by the time Ryck showed up. He was none too happy with their failures and his lack of backup caused him to lose the match.

In a later episode, Ryck announced that he was coming for Prince Puma’s title and anyone that got in his way would be crushed. The Crew took that as their cue to gang up on their boss. Not only did they work him over, but Mr. Cisco thought it would be a good opportunity to smoke one of Ryck’s cigars, then put it out…IN RYCK’S EYE!

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The Crew soon answered to only Dario Cueto, but Ryck wasn’t done. He visited a church and appeared before a priest to confess his upcoming sins. He would have his vengeance.

Dario put the Crew in a match against Sexy Star, Pimpinela Escarlata, and Mascarita Sagrada, mainly because he was sick of having a woman, exotico, and mini existing in his blood sport dungeon. During the match, the Crew hospitalized both Pimpinela and Mascarita, but Sexy Star still fought on against the odds. Things weren’t looking good for her until Big Ryck walked down the steps with an eye-patch on. The distraction was enough for Sexy Star to win via roll-up.

Sexy Star and Ryck each wanted revenge on the Crew, but Dario would only allow one to face them. After pinning Sexy Star in a singles match, Ryck got his opportunity against the Crew in a one-on-three elimination match.

Despite the obvious number advantage, the moment Ryck was able to get his licks in and secure a single pin, the Crew began to fall to pieces. Soon both Bael and Castro were gone, leaving only Mr. Cisco. Knowing he was doomed, he tried to escape the Temple, only for Sexy Star to knock him down a flight of stairs and force him back into the ring.

Not only did Ryck slam Cisco through a sitting chair, but he also made sure to bust up Cisco’s face for a literal “eye for an eye.”


This one rules because it doesn’t need the weirdness of the show, but it makes for wonderful window dressing.

Aero Star and Drago had a match. Drago won and the two showed mutual respect. A few weeks later, they had an even better match and Aero Star won. As they celebrated, Dario stepped out to talk up how it left him wanting more, but in a good way. He would turn this into a best of five series where whoever could get three wins first would be rewarded with a “unique opportunity.”

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Already tied 1-1, they had more matches in the weeks that followed, leading to each having two wins. The battles took a toll on their friendship and caused a lot of animosity. This was most notable when Dario held his trios title tournament and put them on a team with Fenix. Aero Star and Drago couldn’t get along and it cost them in the first round.

In the finale of the series, Drago got the win. Dario congratulated him and offered him a title match against Prince Puma. Except, if he lost, he would have to leave the Temple. Despite Drago’s efforts, he couldn’t defeat Puma and had to leave Lucha Underground.

He did this by transforming into a literal dragon and flying off into the night sky while spitting fire. Dario looked on like it was the most normal thing ever.

Drago wasn’t gone forever, thankfully. Dario put together a match where the only ones qualified were those who had challenged for the title before. Drago used that loophole to get Dario to reinstate him.

At the end of the season, as most left the Temple for one reason or another, Drago was last seen shaking hands with his friend Aero Star, swearing that they would meet again one day. Drago transformed into a dragon and flew away while Aero Star revealed himself as an actual rocket man and blasted away.


Fenix’s gimmick is that he has unlimited lives, like a video game character with Game Genie. Mil Muertes is the personification of death. Obviously, these two would go on to become blood rivals, but it started out a bit simpler.

Through a mini-tournament, the two advanced into a match the week before Aztec Warfare and Dario thought he’d make it interesting by giving them a “unique opportunity.” The winner would get the #20 spot in Aztec Warfare while the loser would get #1. Mil Muertes won and cursed Fenix with the worst spot in the big champion-crowning match. Muertes came close to winning, but the combined might of Puma and Mundo kept him down.

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The two would face each other again, this time Fenix side-stepped Muertes’ overwhelming size and durability by simply rolling him up for a pin. Muertes became a bit less stable over time and he started lashing out against his manager Catrina, especially when she suggested that Fenix’s connection to life itself could be of use to them. Away from Muertes, Catrina would start coming onto Fenix and told him not to tell Muertes about it.

Fenix ended up siding with Catrina against Muertes, culminating in Grave Consequences, a Casket Match that is not only the best Casket Match I’ve ever seen, but it’s arguably the best match in Lucha Underground’s run so far. A vicious and bloody affair, Fenix came out on top and locked Muertes away. It was over.

…or so he thought.

Being done in by an avatar of life caused Mil Muertes to be resurrected, stronger than ever before. He’s also been accompanied by three disciples in skeleton masks who follow his and Catrina’s every whim. Catrina appeared before Fenix to laugh at him for being tricked into being her pawn.

There would be one more rematch. This time a Death Match. Muertes not only dominated against his archnemesis, but after they brawled around the Temple, he slammed Fenix through the floor, causing him to crash down a story below. Muertes won and Fenix remained gone for a while.

Much like Muertes, Fenix didn’t know when to quit either. He returned in time to compete for the Gift of the Gods Championship, a belt that would earn him a title shot against the champion. Coincidentally, Muertes bulldozed through the competition and won the Lucha Underground Championship from Prince Puma at Ultima Lucha.

As of the beginning of the second season, Fenix has already lost his title shot by being pinned by King Cuerno, but he’ll be back. Nothing keeps Fenix down for good.

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From the first episode, Son of Havoc’s deal was that he’d talk up what a manly man he was and how he only wanted the toughest competitors. Much to his chagrin, he got tossed into matches with the likes of Sexy Star, Pimpinela Escarlata, and Mascarita Sagrada and tended to lose pretty badly.

This didn’t go over well with Ivelisse, his girlfriend and “Baddest Bitch.” Havoc continued to lose while Ivelisse wrestled more and started showing him up while bossing him around.

Then Angelico, who looks like Dean Ambrose after getting pulled through Willy Wonka’s taffy pull machine and getting into dirt bikes, got involved. He pinned Son of Havoc, which annoyed Ivelisse. To prove she could do his dirty work, she challenged a reluctant Angelico and surprised him with a pin.

Then they did a rematch of Ivelisse vs. Angelico with Son of Havoc as the guest referee. Angelico got all gross and grabby during the match, which apparently had to be edited a ton to make it way less rapey for television. Angelico won and he had one more match with Son of Havoc. This time, Havoc won while taking a brief break to publicly dump Ivelisse prior to hitting his finisher. Ivelisse kicked Angelico in the head afterwards and stormed off.

That easily could have been the end of all of this, but Dario Cueto just couldn’t leave well enough alone. With his trios tournament starting up, he figured it would be fun to put these three together as a team against their will. While they all hated each other and that should have been it, their opening round opponents of Fenix, Drago, and Aero Star didn’t really get along either. Even though Ivelisse walked out, Son of Havoc still got the pin and they advanced to the finals.

In the finals, they took on the teams of Big Ryck, the Mack, and Killshot as well as King Cuerno, Cage, and Texano. Despite Ivelisse legitimately injuring her ankle, the team ended up coming out on top. That was all well and good, but Dario had one more card up his sleeve. The TRUE finals was against the Crew. The dysfunctional three, exhausted and hurt, got beaten down for several minutes by Mr. Cisco, Cortez Castro, and Bael.

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Thanks in part to Angelico making an awe-inspiring leap off the top of Dario’s office into the ring, the Unlikely Trio were able to pull out a victory and celebrated before suddenly remembering that they hated each other.

Dario attempted to get the belts off of them with a Ladder Match with the Crew, figuring that Ivelisse’s bum leg would hinder her enough. The Crew failed to defeat them once more and paid for it by having Bael fed to Dario’s unseen monster brother. So, yeah, Bael is fucking dead after having his face chewed off.

The Unlikely Trio continued to work together as champions and while remaining at each other’s throats for the most part, a returning spark seemed to be hidden somewhere between Son of Havoc and Ivelisse. But there were bigger things to worry about as they had new challengers going into Ultima Lucha.

Catrina had her lucha electric skeleton trio the Disciples of Death (Barrio Negro, El Siniestro de la Muerte, and Trece) attack the champs backstage in order to get into their heads. At Ultima Lucha, Catrina got involved in the match, skewing the odds too much and getting her team the win. By the end of the show, Catrina represented both the Lucha Underground Champion and the Trios Champions.

Rather than cut ties, the Unlikely Trio agreed that this wasn’t over. Before Angelico rode off on his bike, Son of Havoc told him that they’d get those belts back. Angelico nodded and left. Havoc then walked over to Ivelisse’s motorcycle, asking to go on one more ride together.

With an annoyed smile, Ivelisse told him to shut up and get on.


Pentagon started as this cool-looking dude who didn’t really have much going. He briefly teamed up with Chavo Guerrero due to their link in not being respected enough, but that went south when Chavo hit him with a chair at Aztec Warfare. Soon after, Pentagon found a new role after being sought out by “The Master.”

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Vignettes showed Pentagon training in dark martial arts, snapping the arms of his opponents so hard that it would snuff out nearby candles. Yeah! Then he’d start taking on lesser members of the roster, would win, then would snap their arms as a sacrifice to his unseen master. Not even Pentagon knew who this guy was, but he still worshipped him and broke arms on his behalf.

The whole trios tournament situation with Pentagon, Sexy Star, and Super Fly was talked about earlier, but one part I didn’t mention is when Pentagon decided he would sacrifice Melissa Santos, the Lucha Underground ring announcer. At the commentary table, Vampiro stood up to get involved and protect the innocent non-wrestler, but then stepped back when Sexy Star came to the rescue. Regardless, Vampiro was spooked by what almost happened.

When it came time for the Sexy Star/Pentagon match, Vampiro made it very apparent how much he respected and admired Sexy Star, mainly for being his teen daughter’s favorite. So when Pentagon decided he would sacrifice Sexy Star by snapping her arm, Vampiro ran out and stopped him. They got in a big argument, were pulled apart, and then Vampiro hung out in a bathroom, where he started smashing the mirror with his skull while trying to drive out the dark thoughts in his head.

Pentagon’s master appeared to him and told him that he still wasn’t ready to reach the next level. In order to do that, he’d have to sacrifice Ian Hodgkinson. That would be Vampiro’s real name.

Vampiro tried to apologize for getting involved, but Pentagon wouldn’t let things be. He couldn’t. He kept antagonizing Vampiro and challenging him to a match. When Dario Cueto offered a chance at the title, Pentagon turned it down because that wasn’t important to him. Vampiro was. He went so far as to ambush Vampiro, douse him with gasoline, pull out a lighter, and warn him that he had a week to accept the challenge.

Vampiro soon accepted the challenge…via chokeslam.

The two battled it out at Ultima Lucha with Vampiro stepping to the ring in the form of some kind of vampire Pope. It was a Cero Miedo Match, which meant nothing was off-limits. It was one of the most brutal and violent matches to ever be shown on national TV, which included the use of light tubes. Pentagon came out the victor after slamming Vampiro through a flaming table and pinning him on the outside.

Afterwards, a hurt Vampiro crawled back into the ring and egged him on. Pentagon wanted a sacrifice? Then break the arm, already! Pentagon shrugged and went through with it, breaking Vampiro’s arm as suggested. He grabbed the microphone and boasted about his victory and how it made him worthy. Yet there was no sign of his master. Speaking English for once, Pentagon yelled, “WHERE ARE YOU, MASTER?!”

Vampiro stood up, clutching his destroyed arm, and told Pentagon that he was finally ready. Just as shocked as the audience around him, Pentagon bowed down to Vampiro and embraced his newly-revealed master. As they posed together, covered in so much blood, the people of the Temple chanted, “HOLY SHIT!” followed by, “CERO MIEDO!”

During the show’s ending montage, Vampiro told his disciple that they were going to go somewhere much darker. Then they vanished.

Not only is this one such a good storyline because it’s batshit insane, leads to good matches, and even makes me excited about seeing Vampiro wrestle in 2015, but the story behind the story makes it even better. Vampiro really saw something in Pentagon and suggested the feud with the writers for the sake of making him a breakout star. He succeeded.

Even though Pentagon’s treatment in AAA is lukewarm and questionable, he’s now seen as the marquee wrestler of Lucha Underground. He’s like Scorpion in Mortal Kombat in more ways than the look. He may not be the hero – he may never be the hero – but he’s the one we’re behind the most.

I’m so pumped that we have at least two more seasons of this shit.

Gavin Jasper owns a Pentagon Jr. mask and so should you. Follow Gavin on Twitter!