Link Tank: Why You Should Watch Netflix’s Finding ‘Ohana

Netflix's Finding 'Ohana, astro-photography, Pushing Daisies on HBO Max, and more in today's Link Tank!

Netflix's Finding 'Ohana

Netflix’s new movie Finding ‘Ohana is a family film you’ve got to put on your must-watch list.

“Sometimes you see a description of a movie and know, or at least hope, that it’s going to be fun. When I saw the promotions for Netflix’s latest family film Finding ‘Ohana describe it as ‘The Goonies but in Hawai’i’ my immediate thoughts was ‘yes this idea is perfect, I hope they do it well.’ The good news is that Finding ‘Ohana doesn’t just live up to its great premise, it surpasses it, giving us a truly Hawaiian movie with thrills, laughs, loving homages, and an incredible amount of heart.”

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From Oscar Wilde to Gertrude Stein, here are twenty celebrated writers from history with eccentricities.

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“When it comes to cranking out literary treasures, celebrated authors have turned to some strange strategies to find their muse. Compared to climbing trees in the nude or inhaling the scent of rotten fruit, typical rituals like grabbing a cup of tea or going for a brisk walk in the woods seem pretty tame. Here are 20 great writer’s incredible eccentricities.”

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More and more people are getting into stargazing and astrophotography as equipments become commercially available.

“Chuck Ayoub bought his first telescope as a teenager. Decades later, the retired 53-year-old has turned his attention back to the cosmos. Ayoub restarted his passion by taking photos of celestial objects using his iPhone from his backyard in Detroit. As his interest in the universe blossomed, Ayoub began investing in more specialized equipment to capture planets, nebulae, and galaxies in ever-higher resolution and reveal the majestic details of the cosmos.”

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The Better Business Bureau has asked that people stop sharing photos their COVID-19 vaccine cards on the internet.

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“For many, receiving their first COVID-19 vaccine jab is a day to celebrate, but the excitement is making some people risk their identity while also aiding scammers. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) exists to build trust in the marketplace, but last week it turned its attention to helping keep people safe by pleading with individuals not to share photos of COVID-19 vaccine cards on social media.”

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Pushing Daisies fans, rejoice! The short-lived, often hard-to-find series is finally available to stream on HBO Max.

“The facts are these: Pushing Daisies, a criminally short-lived TV show about a pie-maker with a penchant for solving murders by raising the dead, created by one of television’s most daring auteurs and long confined to the doldrums of DVD purchase or video hosting sites of questionable legality, has arrived on HBO Max.”

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Only a month into 2021, and we’ve already got our first great horror film of the year: Into the Earth starring Ben Wheatley.

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“Made during a pandemic, with a fictional pandemic slithering around a story that taps into both the spiritual powers of nature and the mental effects of isolation, In the Earth uniquely captures the mood we’ve been clawing our way through for nearly a year now. It’s freaky, but it feels alarmingly relatable too.”

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