Link Tank: Why You Should Watch Money Heist on Netflix

Money Heist on Netflix, the best movie trailers in film history, sci-fi and fantasy books to read in June, and more in today's Link Tank!

Netflix's Money Heist

Netflix’s Spanish crime-drama series Money Heist is one of the best shows on the streaming platform.

Money Heist, also known as La Casa de Papel, is a Spanish crime-drama on Netflix. It tells the story of a mysterious stranger known as The Professor, who recruits a band of misfits to pull off one of the biggest heists in history. These top criminals, who derive their names from different capitals from all over the world, are an amalgamation of the most talented criminals out there. And despite the wild twists and turns this adventure takes, it’s so worth watching and investing in.”

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Movie trailers have become their own art form over the decades. Check out the 25 best movie trailers of all time.

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“The first ever movie trailer reportedly debuted back in 1913, for the musical The Pleasure Seekers. Today, movie trailers have become an industry unto themselves, refining their own formulas to maximize viewer appeal, and even recalling earlier trailers (rather than actual movies) by using the same borrowed music or the same techniques.”

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The newest trailer for Marvel’s Eternals sparks a debate about cinematic universes and audience expectations.

“What do want from cinematic universes? Perhaps the better question is: what do we expect from cinematic universes? The release of the first teaser trailer for Chloe Zhao’s Eternals brought about a range of reactions, some positive and some negative. But the exact feelings folks have about the teaser — which raked in 77 million views and once again goes to show that Twitter discourse does not reflect the larger world — is less interesting than the why behind those feelings.”

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For those of you looking for more reading materials in June, our friends at Gizmodo have compiled 54 sci-fi and fantasy books to check out.

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“June is upon us, which means it’s time to fill your summer reading list with all the brand-new sci-fi and fantasy books you can stuff into a beach bag. Good thing we’ve got 54 titles to choose from, with time travelers, reluctant heroes, people who can talk to the dead, and carnival stories among the highlights.”

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From 2010’s Alice in Wonderland to the newly released Cruella, here’s every Disney live action remake, ranked.

“In the last decade, Disney doubled-down on the nostalgia business. Between the steady churn of Marvel adventures, Star Wars sequels, Pixar projects, and the occasional original animated feature, the studio began raiding its own vault for potential titles to reboot, reimagine, and revamp for modern audiences.”

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The days of waiting an hour to fully charge your phone may soon come to an end. Xiaomi’s newest fast-charging technology can charge a smartphone in 8 minutes.

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“You may remember back in 2019, Xiaomi used a 100W Super Charge Turbo system to fully recharge a 4,000mAh battery in 17 minutes. Even two years later, that’s still very impressive. However, as Android Police reports, Xiaomi continued to develop its fast-charging tech and now has a 200W wired charger that leaves the 100W version for dust.”

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