Link Tank: When Marvel’s Secret Invasion Could Be Set on the MCU Timeline

Discover when Secret Invasion might be set, what anime is the most-watched in America, how Doctor Who is in trouble, and more in Link Tank!

Nick Fury in Secret Invasion
Photo: Marvel

Set photos from Marvel’s Secret Invasion might hint at where the show takes place on the MCU timeline, and it’s not what you’d think.

“It’s been a minute since anyone saw Nick Fury. Last seen in the credits of Spider-Man: Far From Home almost three years ago, Samuel L. Jackson’s mysterious ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. director will soon star in Secret Invasion, a new Marvel television series coming to Disney+ in 2022.”

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Over half the United States has One Piece as their most frequently searched anime program. Does this make it the most popular anime in the country?

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“If you ask me which anime series are the best of all time my response will be, ‘I dunno, but these handful of series I keep rewatching are pretty neat.’ However, I can tell you which series is being typed into a Google search bar the most according to this CenturyLinkQuote study reported on by PCMag. The results might surprise you, or, well, maybe they won’t if you realize what was going on with certain anime series in 2021.”

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There has been a lot of turmoil with the Doctor Who franchise recently, but this latest rumor could mean the long-running television series might be in jeopardy.

“Whenever Doctor Who is ready to cast a new Doctor, the internet is always aflurry with wild suggestions and outlandish ‘leaks’ that, more often than not, never play out as true. But as Doctor Who fandom looks toward the return of showrunner Russell T Davies—and the 14th Doctor arriving in time for next year’s 60th anniversary—the series has found itself caught up in one of the strangest rumors it’s faced in years.”

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Peter Dinklage isn’t happy with Disney and how they are remaking Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in live-action.

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“A lot of people have been critical of Disney’s insistence on making live-action remakes of every animated film in its vault, if only because it’s as desperate as it is creatively bankrupt, but there’s another reason why it doesn’t sit well with some people: Some of those old Disney movies have aged very poorly, to the extent that we might be better off not resurrecting them and reintroducing them to new generations.”

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Five years later, players are still finding hidden treasures in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, even one that is supposed to be “impossible” to get.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild community is bonkers, combining all sorts of glitches to reach areas that the game would normally bar you from entering. These impossible-to-reach areas that exist outside the borders of the map sometimes contain random items, like treasure chests that were likely forgotten or misplaced through the course of development. Despite serving no specific purpose, and despite having no significant value, these items have become a fixation for players precisely because there is no way of getting them. They’re called ‘impossible’ items. And after nearly a year of theories and attempts, one speedrunner has braved the unknown to collect one specific shock arrow that’s perched so high in the sky, most players have no idea it even exists at all.”

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While everyone wants it to be this way, Courtney Cox has shot down rumors about another reunion of the cast of Friends.

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“For years after Friends concluded back in 2004, fans pleaded for some sort of reunion to bring the six main cast members—Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, and Matthew Perry—back on one stage again. Finally, the people got what they wanted in 2021, when Friends: The Reunion debuted on HBO Max.”

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