Link Tank: Watch NBC’s Hannibal Before It Leaves Netflix This Month

Why you should watch Hannibal on Netflix, A Quiet Place Part II's strong theatrical performance, Amazon Sidewalk explained, and more.

Bryan Fuller’s cult hit series Hannibal is a spectacular take on the world of Hannibal Lecter—and it’s leaving Netflix next week.

Hannibal follows behavioral psychologist Will Graham (Dancy), who’s brought in by the FBI to assist with tracking down serial killers. To keep his fragile psyche in check, he’s assigned to regular sessions with Dr. Lecter (Mikkelsen), a forensic psychologist. Any self-respecting movie buff knows Lecter better as Hannibal the Cannibal, but Will is none the wiser as he endeavors to track down another killer, called the Chesapeake Ripper.”

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A Quiet Place Part II‘s strong theatrical performance signals that cinemas in the United States are seeing a return to normalcy.

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“The summer movie season is back. John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place Part II is projected to gross a strong $58.5 million domestically in its four-day opening weekend, including $48.4 million over three days, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That’s the best domestic opening of the COVID-19 pandemic, beating Godzilla vs. Kong‘s $48 million five-day debut.”

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Actor Paul Bettany admits that he has no idea if Vision is returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after WandaVision.

“We know when we’re going to see Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda again, but the same can’t be said about her WandaVision co-star. In a new interview, actor Paul Bettany said he isn’t sure when, or if, Vision could come back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, he doesn’t even have a contract in place.”

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The finale of Mare of Easttown is an incredibly perfect conclusion to the HBO limited series.

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“After weeks of anticipation and speculation, Mare of Easttown, unlike so many prestige mystery series before it, stuck the landing with an elegant finale that provided a resolution to the central case and many other burning questions, but more importantly lingered in the themes that made this project from creator Brad Ingelsby truly special and at the top of its class.”

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Amazon Sidewalk is coming to your Amazon device on June 8. Here’s what it is, and how you can disable it.

“Wouldn’t it be great if your new devices automatically connected to your network and were ready to go in seconds, no fiddling with logins or security codes? And they worked for an entire neighborhood or community? That’s the potential of Amazon Sidewalk, a feature Amazon will activate by default on June 8 in the US on a number of its devices.”

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Don’t miss the Delta Aquariid meteor shower in July. Here’s everything you need know about this night sky event.

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“By the time the Independence Day fireworks start to quiet down, a different type of light show will dazzle spectators in late July. The Delta Aquariid meteor shower begins in the middle of the month and peaks on July 28, 2021. Here’s what you need to know to catch the event.”

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