Link Tank: The Expanse Action Figures Are Ready to Blast Off

Fans of The Expanse can now collect their favorite characters from the show in our Link Tank feature story.

The Expanse Action Figures
Photo: Nacelle / Alcon

There’s a Kickstarter campaign to produce the first-ever line of action figures for the acclaimed sci-fi series, The Expanse.

“By backing this campaign on Kickstarter, fans can collect seven of the bravest and most beloved characters of The Expanse (as well as one VERY intimidating Protomolecular hybrid). These eight figures have been painstakingly designed and crafted with impeccable detail, from the boots to the bottles of liquor.”

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It turns out 2024 is filled with turmoil, if the Star Trek historical timeline is to be believed. Buckle up!

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“A lot—a lot—happens historically in Star Trek’s 2024, crucially important events that go on to not just shape Earth as it is in the early 21st century, but form foundational pillars for the contemporary Star Trek timeline. It’s a year we’ve heard about, and visited, multiple times across several Trek shows. So what’s exactly wild about it?”

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“It was fine until you have to do the reshoots,” says actor Ray Winstone of his “soul-destroying” experience in the MCU.

“Ray Winstone has become the latest big name to criticise the Marvel Cinematic Universe, joining the likes of Francis Ford Coppola, Ken Loach and Martin Scorsese, who famously told Empire magazine that Marvel movies are ‘not cinema.’ Winstone [who] appeared in Marvel‘s Black Widow, … opened up about his experience playing the film’s villain, Russian general Dreykov.”

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Hollywood’s movie offerings failed to pull theaters out of their financial hole, but big name concert movies really saved AMC’s bacon.

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“If Tom Cruise was the savior of cinema in 2022, the mavericks of 2023 were without a doubt Taylor Swift and Beyoncé. We already knew that their concert movies—Swift’s in particular—made a big splash at the box office. But AMC CEO Adam Aron confirmed that amid a tough year for movies due to the dual actors and writers strikes, the two music icons basically kept the theatrical business alive.”

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Nicole Kidman has had an illustrious career filled with complex roles that showcased her talent, and her role in Prime Video’s Expats miniseries is no exception.

“Ever since Big Little Lies saw Kidman playing a lawyer in an abusive relationship with her husband, it’s been hard not to compare other TV projects to that devastating portrayal — that is, until Expats came into the picture. The new Prime Video miniseries allows the actress to exceed expectations and tap into one of her most challenging roles yet.”

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