Link Tank: Star Wars Prequel Theory May Explain Padme-Anakin Plot Hole

A Star Wars prequel theory, the trailer for Bliss, Martin Luther King Jr. and Star Trek, and more in today's Link Tank!

A Star Wars prequel theory may explain one of the weirdest plot holes involving Padme and Anakin.

“For all their flaws, the Star Wars prequels answered many of the biggest questions prompted by the original trilogy. We learn about Luke and Leia’s parents in detail, as well as Obi-Wan’s tragic attempt to save Anakin Skywalker from becoming Darth Vader, and why Emperor Palpatine’s face looks like that.”

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The trailer for Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek latest film, Bliss, paints a Matrix-like world where the Matrix is a pleasant place to be.

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“From now until eternity, anytime anyone makes a movie about humans potentially living in a simulation, comparisons to The Matrix are inevitable. Such is the case with Bliss, which stars Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek. Its premise is sort of like The Matrix, but if The Matrix were a way more pleasant place to be.”

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Martin Luther King Jr. supposedly talked Nichelle Nichols into staying on the original Star Trek series after she expressed desire to leave the show after the first season.

“While the original Star Trek (1966-1969) is remembered primarily for helping televised science fiction evolve from being slightly silly to philosophical, it had enormous relevance to current events. Creator Gene Roddenberry viewed the residents of the 23rd century as having moved beyond prejudicial behavior, though the crew of the USS Enterprise often encountered alien life forms with biases of their own—a perfect vehicle to explore civil rights.”

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Krysten Ritter is rumored to be in talk to reprise her role as Jessica Jones for the upcoming She-Hulk series on Disney+.

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“While many of us are still mourning the demise of the Marvel/Netflix partnership, there is hope on the horizon for our Defenders. Rumors are swirling that Krysten Ritter is in talks to reprise her role as Jessica Jones for Disney+’s upcoming She-Hulk series.”

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Netflix plans to release a major movie, either original or acquired, every week of this year.

“Even though most movie fans want nothing more than to be able to safely return to theaters where they can enjoy oversized tubs of popcorn and the collective viewing experience, Netflix seems to be doing whatever it can to make your at-home movie watching as appealing and blockbuster-stuffed as possible.”

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Sony’s Airpeak camera drone is the company’s first venture into the drone arena.

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“The Airpeak is a larger quadcopter, with retractable landing gear, more similar to a DJI Inspire than a slimline Mavic drone in size, with a gimbal that can carry a full-frame Sony a7 camera, putting it on a level playing field with drones built for use in Hollywood cinema, Netflix streaming, and the like.”

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