Link Tank: Star Trek: Discovery Defeats Copyright Lawsuit Over Tardigrade-Inspired Creature

Star Trek: Discovery lawsuit, how to avoid germs on flights, Lovecraft Country on HBO, plus more news in today's Link Tank!

Star Trek: Discovery‘s ongoing court battle regarding a tardigrade-inspired creature has ended in the show’s favor.

“Tardigrades’ rights to be kickass water bears hardcore enough to survive in space’s vacuum just got defended by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second City Circuit. Oh, and that Star Trek: Discovery’s use of one of the creatures didn’t infringe copyright, ending a legal battle that’s been brewing since the show’s first season.”

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If you’re resuming travels as the world reopens, check out these tips on how to avoid germs on flights.

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“The continued spread of the coronavirus pandemic raises valid concerns for domestic and international travel. As the number of cases keeps increasing in some parts of the world, travel restrictions won’t be relaxed anytime soon. Airlines are postponing and canceling flights globally, but for many individuals, travel remains an essential function.”

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Netflix’s superhero thriller Project Power is an exciting mix of X-Men and Limitless… but it doesn’t quite hold together.

“With great power comes great mimicry in Project Power, a superhero genre riff on Netflix about a mysterious pill that allows the user to access a previously hidden genetic gift for five-minute intervals. Upon ingestion, the small capsules, which glow like golden fireflies and get stored in sleek metal containers, can make you turn invisible, burst into flames, or acquire bullet-proof skin.”

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As the world waits for a COVID-19 vaccine, there already exists another vaccine that can indirectly help control the pandemic.

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“The world is eagerly awaiting the creation of a Covid-19 vaccine, which is happening at a record-setting pace, but it’s not the only vaccine that may determine how pandemic-centered lives unfold this winter. There’s another vaccine that will play a key role. It already exists.”

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Lovecraft Country on HBO falls short in its grappling with racism on the one front it shouldn’t have—H.P. Lovecraft himself.

It takes a total of 120 seconds for Cthulhu to appear in HBO’s new horror series Lovecraft Country. The Great Old One rears his unmistakable ‘octopus-like head’ — now of bumper sticker lore — over our hero, Atticus Freeman, poised to take a bite, only to be sliced into a mass of writhing green goo by the chop of Jackie Robinson’s bat.”

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Apple is finally allowing third-parties to repair MacBooks after a year of allowing the same for iPhones.

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“As Reuters reports, Mac sales have grown considerably over the last, coronavirus-influenced quarter, with Apple reporting 21.6 percent growth. The move to allow third-parties to repair Mac hardware will certainly help meet demand with so many more Macs installed in homes while aiding consumers who don’t live close to an Apple Store.”

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