Link Tank: The Most Patriotic Video Games You Can Play

Patriotic video games, the new teaser for Amazon's Cinderella, how Loki helps the MCU move beyond Thanos, and more.

Assassin's Creed 3

Metal Wolf Chaos, Wolfenstein II, and Liberty or Death are some of the most patriotic video games you can play to celebrate this Fourth of July.

“America is a land of contrasts, but at the end of the day there’s no place else we’d rather live. Our country is founded on immutable principles of liberty, equality, and freedom that, at their best, create an atmosphere for individual excellence. And also: video games! The world of electronic entertainment started here, and many video games have tapped into our love of country as subject matter.”

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Amazon released a new teaser trailer of its Cinderella movie, starring singer-songwriter Camila Cabello.

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“Amazon Prime Video released a first look at Cinderella in a new teaser trailer. Starring Camila Cabello in the title role, it tells the classic tale that we all know and love with a twist. Yes, Cinderella wants to go to the ball, has a fairy godperson, and will break out into song like the OG Disney Cinderella. The difference is that that’s not the only thing you should know about Ella, the name we can assume she’s going by.”

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The Fourth of July is a bad holiday for dogs. Check out some ways to keep your pooch calm during the fireworks this weekend.

“The Fourth of July can be rough for dogs. Fireworks displays light up their senses with unfamiliar noises, flashes, and smells, and parties flood their homes with strange guests who may invade the rooms they usually have as private retreats. And when distressed dogs escape, howl, or thrash around the house, Independence Day can quickly become a nightmare for their owners, too.”

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From Armageddon to Batman Forever, here are eight movies that are way better than their Rotten Tomatoes scores suggest.

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“Rotten Tomatoes has become the notorious poster child for lack of nuanced and diverse discourse, with its ‘is it good or is it bad?’ percentage rating system killing any attempts to use criticism as a form of discussion. This means that a loooooot of movies on the site, especially older movies that have been gone through some reassessment over the years, are way better than you might be led to believe they are by just looking at whether they are ‘fresh’ or ‘rotten.'”

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Stay indoors this hot summer and brush up on your reading with these excellent new sci-fi and fantasy novels.

“It’s hot outside, possibly hot as hell depending on where you live—but one way to keep cool is to plop down in front of a fan or the air conditioner, or perhaps inside a walk-in freezer, and crack open a fresh new sci-fi or fantasy book. We’ve got you covered this month with palace intrigue, space battles, doomsday prophecies, reinvented classics, inter-dimensional serial killers, chatty ghosts, and so much more.”

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The newest episode of Loki just presented the MCU a great way to move the narrative of its universe past Thanos.

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“Marvel is living in the past. Ever since Avengers: Endgame, every single story told in this sweeping cinematic universe comes back to the same thing — and Loki is no different. From Spider-Man dealing with the fallout from the Blip to Loki processing his own death, it all comes back to Thanos. But in Loki Episode 4, Marvel’s newest Disney+ show reveals a surprising way the MCU can get out from under the Mad Titan and try something different.”

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