Link Tank: Lightsabers Might Be Theoretically Possible According to Physics

Lightsabers could potentially exist, Metroid Dread drew inspiration from the series worst game, Eternals is a great step for diversity, and more in Link Tank!

Could lightsabers from Star Wars potentially exist in the real world? A real-life physicist chimes in on these theoretical propositions.

“I’ve never been a Star Wars fan. I’ve seen only one of the movies, The Phantom Menace, and I was eight years old at the time. And yet even I, as a child, owned and played with one of those little lightsaber toys, as have millions of children before and after me (not to mention the millions of children yet-unborn, who will not be spared induction into the Disney Industrial Complex).”

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We wouldn’t be getting Metroid Dread if it weren’t for the infamous addition to the franchise in Metroid M.

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“For 35 years, Metroid has been one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises. But there’s one notable exception to this — Metroid: Other M, a third-person action game released for the Wii back in 2010. ‘We couldn’t just leave this part of the storyline untouched,’ series producer Yoshio Sakamoto told USA Today ahead of launch. ‘It’s so critical that without addressing it, we wouldn’t be able to make new games that show Samus’ adventures that take place after the events of Metroid Fusion.'”

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Marvel’s latest trailer for Eternals showcases the fantastic diversity in front and behind the camera for the film.

“While the MCU has tackled space before, this will truly be a shake-up in a way we haven’t seen before. With a star-studded cast and the second woman to ever have a directing Oscar (and first woman of color), Chloé Zhao, onboard, there is a lot that this film is offering on a surface level. Especially in terms of diversity.”

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Don’t get too attached to the new Pokémon in Legends: Arceus because they are probably going to go extinct.

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“When Pokémon Legends: Arceus comes to Switch on January 28, it will bring with it a handful of new Pokémon. But my sick, anxiety-poisoned brain isn’t content to just be happy learning more about the upcoming game. No, I can’t help but question why these fresh faces aren’t present in other games, and the conclusion I’ve come to is, predictably, a huge bummer.”

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Keanu Reeves and Robert Downey Jr. in an animated sci-fi thriller from Boyhood director Richard Linklater? Here’s why you should revisit the 2006 film A Scanner Darkly.

“Philip K. Dick’s 1977 novel A Scanner Darkly is an oddball mash-up of genres—a strange admixture whose stylistic shifts get even more pronounced in Richard Linklater’s film adaptation. During a time (‘seven years from now,’ according to the opening title card) when America is in the throes of a massive new drug epidemic—’Substance D,’ a brain-shredding euphoric which causes almost instantaneous dependence.”

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After Nine Perfect Strangers, even we aren’t entirely sure what Nicole Kidman’s real voice sounds like anymore.

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“From the second Nicole Kidman’s character, Masha Dmitrichenko purrs her opening lines in Hulu’s new series Nine Perfect Strangers, it’s clear that the confusion the characters feel about Masha—along with the confusion they feel about what sort of “spa” they’re at—is mirrored by her inscrutable aesthetic. Masha is an enigmatic yet beautiful blank canvas in her all-white guru getup and a mermaid-length, colorless wig.”

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