Link Tank: Saying Goodbye to Superstore After Six Underrated Seasons

The ending of Superstore, RIP Jessica Walter, why The Father is a film worth watching, and more in today's Link Tank.

Let us say farewell to Superstore, arguably one of the most underrated sitcoms in recent years.

“From its premiere in 2015, Superstore never seemed to get the kind of attention it deserved, from audiences or critics. That made every season it was renewed feel like a gift. The show was just as funny as others in its league (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks & Rec, and the like), but maybe a bit more subdued.”

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Are you trying to curb your personal food waste? IKEA is here to help with a free book of recipes for food scraps.

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“Even if you dutifully compost your food scraps, it can still feel wasteful to throw out a whole bin of technically edible content. IKEA is here to help you figure out some tasty ways to eat it. As House Beautiful reports, the Canadian branch of the Swedish retailer recently released the ScrapsBook, a free digital cookbook with 50 recipes for all your culinary odds and ends.”

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Face/Off 2 is well underway. Here’s what its director Adam Wingard has to say about this much-anticipated sequel.

Face/Off is a perfect movie. i think that’s one thing we can all agree on (if you disagree, please leave). So how could you possibly top the 1997 John Woo original? Maybe some new stunt casting? Or even more sci-fi face swapping? As tempting as that sounds, Face/Off 2 (actual title unknown) director Adam Wingard is taking a different approach with his sequel: he’s giving us more of everything we loved about the original.”

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Beloved actress Jessica Walter, star of Archer and Arrested Development, passed away at age 80 in her sleep last night.

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“Jessica Walter passed away yesterday in her sleep at the age of 80. She was and always will be best-known for her roles as Lucille, overbearing, contemptuous, and smothering matron of the Bluth family in Arrested Development, as well Mallory, the equally overbearing, contemptuous, and smothering mother and spymaster in Archer. She was very, very good—and absolutely hilarious—at what she did.”

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Anthony Hopkins’ Oscar-worthy performance in The Father makes the film a must-watch, if nothing else.

“Anthony Hopkins holds the rare honor of winning an Oscar for his role in a horror movie, The Silence of the Lambs, where he famously played the hissing Hannibal Lecter. His latest, which has also netted him a Best Actor nomination, is a portrayal of a different sort of terror.”

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After Amazon refuted a congressman’s claim that Amazon employees are being forced to pee in bottles, journalists on Twitter pushed back.

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“Working conditions at Amazon are in the spotlight again, and this time the focus is on bathroom breaks, or lack thereof. On Wednesday night, one of Amazon’s official Twitter accounts pushed back on claims that its workers have no time to stop for pee breaks and must urinate in bottles while on the job.”

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