Link Tank: Frank Grillo Joins the Cast of Peacemaker for Season 2

A new Peacemaker cast member, shocking Furiosa numbers, confusing Planet of the Apes timelines and more in this edition of Link Tank!

Frank Grillo is no stranger to comic book properties, and he should be a perfect fit for season 2 of Peacemaker.

“Frank Grillo has been cast in Season 2 of James Gunn‘s popular DC series Peacemaker. Gunn announced the news Friday on Instagram, revealing Grillo will reprise the role of Rick Flag Sr. the character he voices in Gunn’s upcoming animated series Creature Commandos.”

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Among the astounding numbers associated with the production of Furiosa: it featured over 200 stunt performers and a similar amount of extras in Gastown.

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George Miller, director of Furiosa, does have it in him to make it epic. And, before you even see the movie, there are literal numbers to prove it. The press notes for the upcoming Mad Max film include some staggering, mindblowing details on the making of the film and after reading them we thought ‘We have to share this with the world.’”

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Tires, starring comedian creator Shane Gillis, has its first trailer for the six-episode series on Netflix.

Tires revolves around an auto repair chain that’s struggling. As the nervous Will (Steven Gerben) tries to turn his father’s business around, he’s met with constant obstacles from his slacker staff. But when it really looks like his company is doomed, the misfits he hired will finally step up to the plate.”

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In the wake of X-Men ’97, DC fans are about to get their own throwback animated series with Batman: Caped Crusader, and the first images have been released.

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“It’s an all-new show, but inevitably arrives in the tradition of Batman: The Animated Series, one of the most beloved of all screen takes on the Dark Knight – and it comes from the powerhouse trio of JJ Abrams, Matt Reeves (behind The Batman and its upcoming sequel), and Bruce Timm (responsible not only for The Animated Series, but also Batman Beyond).”

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Don’t expect the timelines to ever truly line up between The Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes and the earlier films.

“Basically, the chronology of the Planet of the Apes movies is a total mess, totally crazy, but also – and this is the most important part – totally awesome. But where to start when explaining the Planet of the Apes timeline? It’s a complicated question when you’re dealing with a cyclical, if ever-evolving, chronology where there’s no beginning or end.”

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