Link Tank: Fantasy Books Based on Irish Mythology to Read

Fantasy books inspired by Irish mythology, Killing Eve's final season, Spotify features you may not know about, and more in today's Link Tank!

St. Patrick's Gargoyle By Katherine Kurtz

Add these amazing magical fantasy books inspired by Irish mythology to your reading list ahead of St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow.

“For those who want to sample some fantasy books inspired by Irish mythology and legend, we’ve assembled some tales that draw directly from that well, from fables of faeries and changelings, to gargoyles and corpses just looking for a place to rest.”

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AMC and BBC drama Killing Eve, starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, is officially ending with season 4.

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Killing Eve, the AMC/BBC drama starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, is set to end with season 4. The award-winning show will start production on the final right episodes this summer. It will be filmed across the U.K. and various locations in Europe, and its final season is slated for a 2022 premiere on both AMC and the BBC.”

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This year’s Oscars is well underway. Here’s everything we know about 2021’s unusual Academy Awards ceremony.

“Yes, the Oscars are still happening in 2021. It’s just that, due to the pandemic, the ceremony will take place a couple of months later than usual. Despite the unusual year that largely shuttered movie theaters and caused big studios to postpone the tentpole fare that often dominates awards season, there’s no shortage of worthy movies and performances to celebrate—and the list of nominees reflects that.”

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A Grand Theft Auto Online player who managed to cut load time by 70% is being rewarded with $10k by Rockstar Games.

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“Last month, a GTA Online player who was frustrated by very slow loading times decided to “get to the bottom of this.” Sure enough, they did, and managed to cut the loading times by 70%. The player, who goes by the name t0st, is now being rewarded in two ways by Rockstar Games.”

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Improve your Spotify experience with these features you probably don’t know about on the music streaming platform.

“Spotify has been streaming music since 2008, and it’s changed a lot in that time. New features are constantly added to its apps and the platform as a whole. Just in case there are still some tricks and tools that you haven’t yet spotted, these are some of our favorites—some recently added, and some that have been around for longer.”

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Ahead of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s premiere, its head writer warns fans not to expect the same kind of storytelling as WandaVision.

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“The theory-crafting added an extra level of fun to watching WandaVision, but will it be the same for Falcon and Winter Soldier? Not so fast, according to what the show’s head writer Malcolm Spellman tells Inverse. Here’s why Spellman views Falcon and Winter Soldier as the ‘antithesis’ of WandaVision.”

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