Link Tank: Examining Disney’s Experiment With Mulan

Disney's Mulan experiment, Jared Leto and Tron 3, queer representation in animation, plus more news in today's Link Tank!

Would you pay $30 to see Mulan? Let’s examine what Disney’s newest gamble could mean for the state of movies and theaters going forward.

“But Disney’s decision to release its long-delayed live action remake of Mulan in September for a fee of $29.99 isn’t just a contingency plan necessitated by the pandemic. The price tag represents years of research by film studios into what fans would be willing to pay to see theatrical releases early, at home — something that admittedly sounds a little less enticing when you have been trapped in your living room for the past six months.”

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The 40-Year-Old Virgin starring Steve Carell is turning 15. Check out these fun facts about this classic comedy on its anniversary.

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The 40-Year-Old Virgin helped launch Steve Carell into comedy stardom, reintroduced audiences to Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen, featured one of Jonah Hill’s first movie roles, and began the Judd Apatow Comedy Filmmaking Empire. In celebration of its 15th anniversary, here are some facts that will make you cooler than David Caruso in Jade.”

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With news that Tron 3 is moving forward with a new director and Jared Leto, the internet asks, “Why??”

“Jared Leto won an Oscar in 2014, and yet somehow, between rumors (subsequently denied by the actor) that he went method as Joker in Suicide Squad, sending fellow castmembers used condoms and making himself partially blind for a role in Blade Runner 2049, Leto’s reputation moved from one of artistic talent to ‘oh my god this guy is exhausting.'”

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Check out these helpful tips and tricks to help you manage your kids’ screen time.

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“There’s only one way to manage kids’ screen time: parenting. It’s up to parents and caretakers to establish rules, guidelines, and habits that lead to an appropriate amount of time with computers, video games, tablets, and phones. While it’s entirely feasible to regulate screen time using nothing more than words, some parental control tools make it easier. In some circumstances, they’re essential.”

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Food groups on Facebook are seeing a revival of activities thanks to the quarantine.

“I don’t really go on Facebook anymore. My timeline is riddled with announcements of former friends having kids or barely-acquaintances making sweeping statements about politics — not to mention the abundance of misinformation spread on the platform and the tolerance for hate speech. I find the website no longer provides anything of use for me, save for one thing: Facebook groups.”

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Rebecca Sugar and Noelle Stevenson remind us the importance of queer representation in animation, and the long road we have ahead of us to keep that fight going.

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“With both Steven Universe and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power having finished their respective stories and becoming shining examples of this current moment in queer representation in animation, it can be exceedingly easy to forget that up until very recently, queer characters more or less didn’t exist in the animation space outside of being the butt of jokes.”

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