Link Tank: Early Predictions for Oscars 2021

Early Oscars 2021 predictions, swearing parrots, hints from the new Stranger Things teaser, and more in today's Link Tank!

2021 is going to be a strange year for the Oscars. Check out some early predictions for next year’s Academy Awards.

“If this were a normal year — LOL — at this point, we’d actually have a pretty good sense of what the Oscar race would look like. There might even be some sure things in some categories. But this is not a normal year and that makes for an awfully weird, but very interesting awards season to come.”

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Five parrots at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park have been removed from the main park after they learned to swear at visitors.

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“In any business, it’s important to make customers feel welcome. Having employees or representatives immediately begin launching expletives and insults, for example, would offend patrons and lead to mixed or negative online reviews. That’s likely one reason Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, a zoo in eastern England, opted to remove five parrots from the main park after the birds greeted visitors by telling them to ‘f*ck off.'”

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Netflix’s Stranger Things is back with a new Season 4 teaser. Here are the three new hints from it you might have missed.

“After production on Stranger Things Season 4 was shut down earlier this year due to Covid-19 (but not before Netflix released a trailer confirming Hopper is alive), the show has officially resumed filming. Netflix broke the news on Twitter with a photo of a clapperboard in front of a mysterious clock not unlike the one featured in an earlier teaser.”

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Almost 20,000 of the 1.3 million Amazon employees so far has caught COVID-19, according to the company’s new blog post.

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“In a blog post, Amazon decided to disclose the case count, citing the need for businesses and governments to share best practices in fighting COVID-19. The company says 19,816 ‘front-line’ workers at Amazon warehouses and Whole Foods Market in the US caught the virus between March 1 and Sept. 19.”

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The costume designers and cast of Amazon’s The Boys talk about how the super suits of their characters tell stories.

“Great costuming doesn’t just put cool visuals on screen, it tells a story. A costume tells you so much about a character, and it also informs the performance of the actor wearing it. That’s nowhere more true that with live-action superheroes, where super suits function not just as eye candy, but iconography and character shorthand.”

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There are remarkable similarities between how The 100 and Game of Thrones chose to end, and not in a good way.

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“To be clear, The 100 tripped over its own feet, jumped 12 sharks, and shattered its reputation with viewers long before Game of Thrones boffed it. But the Game of Thrones finale has quickly become synonymous with missing the landing harder than a drunk gymnast on the vault so here we are, comparing the two after The 100 had an absolutely wild finale that I cannot get over.”

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