Link Tank: E.T. The Extra Terrestial is Getting an IMAX Rerelease

E.T. is headed back to the big screen, the odds of a Top Gun 3, how old the characters are supposed to be in Stranger Things, and more in Link Tank!

In honor of the upcoming 40th anniversary, E.T. the Extra Terrestrial is getting rereleased in IMAX this summer. Grab some Reece’s Pieces!

“They’re gonna need a bigger screen. Two of Steven Spielberg’s most iconic films, 1975’s Jaws and 1982’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, are being given special IMAX releases later this year, with Jaws even getting a 3D version as well. E.T. will phone home first on August 12, tied to the film’s 40th anniversary. It’ll be followed on September 2 by Jaws, in both IMAX and RealD 3D. No word yet on ticket availability but check with local theaters that have IMAX or RealD screens. Also, the Jaws IMAX screenings are 2D. The 3D ones are not in IMAX.”

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Top Gun: Maverick is shattering box office expectations worldwide, but what are the chances the movie earns a sequel?

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“It has been 36 years since Tony Scott’s original Top Gun was released, and fans have certainly not forgotten about the movie despite the long wait. However, Paramount is seemingly not rushing to talk about a sequel. In a recent interview with Variety, Robbins stated that he doesn’t want to ‘speculate’ on a Top Gun 3 and is happy to allow the current movie to hold the spotlight.”

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If you’ve been following Stranger Things since the first season, you’ve watched the crew grow up before your eyes. Here is how old each member of the cast is supposed to be in-universe.

“We’ve seen the kids of Netflix’s Stranger Things grow up before our eyes, but for many of us, we don’t really know how old they are throughout the show. Focusing on the characters vs. the actual age of their actors, the series has taken our favorite preteens and teenagers in Hawkins, Indiana to Steve being the adult of the group and so on and so forth. So now that Stranger Things 4 is here, what are the ages of the cast and characters throughout the years?”

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With Jurassic World Dominion roaring its way into theaters this weekend, here are some fun facts about Jurassic Park you might not have known.

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“It’s been nearly 30 years since Jurassic Park first arrived in theaters, but director Stephen Spielberg’s blockbuster is still as innovative today as it was back in 1993. With Jurassic World Dominion now in theaters, there’s never been a better time to give this sci-fi flick a revisit. Here are 20 fast facts you might not have known about the film, which generated roughly a billion dollars at the box office.”

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It’s wedding season, so here are some of the all-time greatest fictional weddings from movies and TV shows that are sure to bring a tear to your eye.

“Since the days of Shakespeare, weddings have played a critical role in all manner of storytelling. Whether they’re setting up conflict or signaling Happily Ever After, the formal bonding of two (or more!) characters in holy matrimony can shift focus towards the conclusion or realign elements to signify a new chapter. Plus, weddings are a great excuse to get all your favorite fictional folks drunk, kissing, and wearing fancy outfits for a dreamy opening or show-stopping finale.”

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Star Wars canon has been a hot-button topic for some time now, but what about Star Trek canon? The latest Trek show, Strange New Worlds, might’ve just messed with that.

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“In first contact, Captain Picard said, ‘You see, money doesn’t exist in the 24th century.’ But what about in the 23rd century? And what about on planets that aren’t part of Star Trek’s United Federation of Planets? In the sixth episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds — ‘Lift Us Up Where Suffering Cannot Reach’ — we get a new wrinkle that seems to contradict certain assumptions fans might have had about the status quo of the Federation. Inverse got in touch with the co-writer of the episode, Bill Wolkoff to unpack it all.”

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