Link Tank: Read Every Doctor Who Season 12 Script Online for Free

Doctor Who Season 12 scripts, the best HBO opening sequences, quarantine updates, and more in today's Link Tank!

Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor in Season 12

The scripts for the latest season of Doctor Who are now available online for everyone to read.

“You’ve had actual Doctor Who to re-watch. You’ve had new short stories to read. New adventures to listen to. Still need more Doctor Who than you would otherwise know what to do with if not for the Current State of the World? Well, the BBC’s got your back, uh, again.”

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HBO shows have always had amazing opening credits sequences. Which ones are your favorite?

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“While stuck at home, I’ve started watching The Sopranos, because honestly, I feel like not doing so was a gap in my education. I’m enjoying it, but what gets me pumped between episodes is the opening credits. There’s something about a good theme song that really gets you ready for a show, and HBO has often been lauded for its impressive opening sequences.”

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Robert Edwin Peary, the first person to reach the North Pole, was one of the greatest explorers in history. Here are some facts about him to know.

“Robert Edwin Peary, called ‘one of the greatest of all explorers,’ claimed to have been the first person to reach the North Pole on April 6, 1909. But from the moment his achievement was announced to the world, Peary was mired in a controversy that overshadowed his other accomplishments as a skilled civil engineer, natural historian, and expedition leader.”

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Westworld star Vincent Cassel explains why he doesn’t want to be part of a superhero movie franchise.

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“If you watched Westworld Season 3, you know Cassel was practically born to play a supervillain. Everything from his accent to his angular face to his salt-and-pepper hair seems to suggest he’s minutes away from punching Captain Americain the face or trapping Batman in an overly complicated cage. But when asked if he’d consider a role in Marvel or DC’s cinematic universes, Cassel tells Inverse he’s actively avoided just that kind of role.”

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Thanks to social distancing, Twitter is moving to making working from home a permanent option for some of its employees.

“Twitter’s experience during the pandemic has made the company realize it can let some employees work from home permanently. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Tuesday told staff they could continue to work from home, even after the pandemic lockdowns are lifted, according to BuzzFeed. Only people with jobs that require a physical presence, such as server maintenance, will need to come in.”

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With production down and everyone in quarantine, the television season this fall is shaping up to be uniquely different from the past.

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“If all goes well, life could start going back to an uncertain normal by September. Nonessential workers might begin to return to their offices, schools could reopen, midsize gatherings could carefully resume. But our entertainment is likely to lag behind for months, a haunting afterimage of the pandemic even when the worst is finally over.”

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