Link Tank: Discover The Tumbler’s Willy Podcast

Your new favorite podcast is here, "Something in the Way" continues to climb the charts, the controversy of Turning Red, and more in Link Tank!

Tumber's WIlly Podcast

Discover a podcast about the most incredible TV show of all time (that never really existed).

Tumbler’s Willy’ is the longest-running TV drama in the world – so how come you’ve never heard of it until now? Maybe you’re a cultural sloth, or perhaps you’ve just been busy chasing your dreams. Whatever, now’s your chance to discover what you’ve been missing for the last 120 years. Join American sitcom writer Andy Bobrow and UK children’s author Andy Stanton as they take a deep and incredibly dumb dive into this most British-est of shows. If you’ve got any sense at all, you won’t believe your ears.”

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Pixar’s latest film Turning Red has drawn a lot of controversy online over its portrayal of teenagers, and we’re kind of confused as to why.

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Turning Red is now available to stream on Disney+ and I’ve been enjoying watching everyone’s reactions to a movie that captures so much of my adolescent years that I kinda wonder if they stumbled onto one of my Mead Composition Notebooks. From doodling your crush in your notebook, striking a pose with your friends in the middle of the sidewalk, and having to explain why expensive ass concert tickets are so totally worth it, this movie fully embraces what it means to be 13.”

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If you’ve been a film fan on Twitter for the last 5-10 years, odds are you’ve across a Tweet from the One Perfect Shot account. Now that concept is being turned into a TV by acclaimed director Ava DuVernay.

“Chances are you’ve retweeted your favorite movie moments from One Perfect Shot on Twitter. The account’s cinematic curation has garnered a mighty following and has connected film enthusiasts and filmmakers alike over their love of iconic movie moments. It makes perfect sense that it’s been transformed into a show arriving next week on HBO Max.”

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Over 30 years since its release, Nirvana’s “Something in the Way” is once again on the chart, all thanks to The Batman.

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“‘Something In The Way’ has always had something in the way—namely, 11 other tracks on Nirvana’s breakthrough album, Nevermind. Tucked away on the album’s B-side, behind hits like ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit,’ ‘Come As You Are,’ and ‘In Bloom,’ the atmospheric ballad was never bound for Billboard…or was it?”

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It appears that a major event for gamers won’t be happening this summer anymore.

“First kicking off in 2016, Electronic Arts has traditionally used the week of E3 in early June to hold its own EA Play Live event, during which the publisher would make many of its biggest announcements for the year. That’s coming to an end in 2022. EA has decided to cancel this year’s event, in favor of what sounds like holding smaller showcases focused on each new and upcoming game individually.”

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Mike Myers is back for a new show on Netflix, and in typical Austin Power’s fashion, he’s playing more than one character.

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“The Wayne’s World and Austin Powers star will play eight characters in the new series, which focuses on a secret society of five men who have been working to influence world events for the greater good since the Black Plague of 1347. ‘As this new series begins, one unlikely Canadian journalist finds himself embroiled in a mission to uncover the truth and just possibly save the world himself.’

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