Link Tank: The Director of Dune Really Wants You to See It in Theaters

The director of Dune wants you to go to the theaters for his movie, Sinnoh is new and improved in the latest Pokémon remake, where you can watch Rick and Morty season 5, and more in Link Tank!

Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson in Dune
Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Denis Villeneuve really hopes you choose to get off your couch and go watch Dune in a movie theater as he intended.

“There was a moment a few months ago where it felt possible Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming film, Dune, would be released only in theaters. Oh sure, it was one of Warner Bros.’ big 2021 releases that were announced to debut both on HBO Max and in theaters—but even in comparison to Godzilla vs. Kong or The Suicide Squad, Dune somehow felt immune. Destined for the big screen.”

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Pokémon fans will be sent on an adventure to a new and improved Sinnob region in the upcoming remakes of Diamond and Pearl.

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“At today’s Pokémon Presents showcase, trainers got another look at the upcoming Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes. We already knew they’d be newer-looking than the originals (obviously). But these aren’t just pixel-for-pixel remakes.”

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Are you trying to catch up on Rick and Morty season 5? Well, your options to stream are slim at the moment.

“In the age of cord-cutting and streaming services, actually watching Rick and Morty Season 5 is a bit challenging. Not everyone has their own Interdimensional Cable box, right? Adult Swim’s parent company WarnerMedia might own HBO, but that doesn’t mean the new season will appear on HBO Max right away. And while previous seasons have joined Hulu in the past, it doesn’t happen the next day as it does for shows on other TV networks.”

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J.K. Simmons is rumored to reprise his role as J. Jonah Jameson in Venom: Let there be Carnage, potentially linking the film to the MCU.

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“So are you trying to tell me that J.K. Simmons could be the connection throughout all the different Spider-Man universes? Or at least his original Tobey Maguire-era runs, the Tom Holland films, and now maybe connecting them to the Tom Hardy Venom universe? Okay, I’m in. Bring me more of J. Jonah Jameson!”

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While there are no new live-action Star Wars or Marvel shows coming to Disney+ in September, you have a slew of animated properties to look forward to.

“September on Disney+ is going to be relatively light, at least in the sense that there won’t be a big Marvel Studios movie dropping or a “premier access” movie about a theme park ride or an origin story for a woman who famously kills dogs, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any noteworthy additions to the service.”

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Are you looking for a fantasy novel to binge on before summer ends? We’ve got you covered.

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“It’s the waning days of a deeply weird summer; for weeks, the vibes have vacillated wildly between glee and dread. Today’s guest for Jezebel’s summer books recommendation series has read the room to perfection. Alix E. Harrow’s debut fantasy novel, The Ten Thousand Doors of January, garnered a whole raft of award nominations—the Hugo, the Nebula, the World Fantasy Award.”

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