Link Tank: Every Christopher Nolan Film So Far, Ranked

Christopher Nolan films ranked, the LEGO version of "Never Gonna Give You Up", plus more in today's Link Tank!

Christopher Nolan films

From Interstellar to The Dark Knight, here’s every film by acclaimed director Christopher Nolan, ranked.

“These days, if you’re talking about movies, you’re probably talking about Christopher Nolan. Oh sure, some really good movies have premiered on streaming during the pandemic, but all eyes have been on the latest blockbuster from Nolan, Tenet, which many expect to usher in a return to movie theaters post-covid-19.”

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There is a LEGO version of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” music video.

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“Finally, you can Rickroll your LEGO-obsessed friends in a way that makes them feel truly loved and understood (and possibly a little exasperated, depending on how often you’ve pulled the original prank). As Game Rant reports, YouTube user Domy13 has created a version of Rick Astley’s classic music video for ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ that depicts the singer as an animated LEGO action figure.”

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An Unsolved Mysteries case is being re-opened by the FBI as a possible hate crime.

“Netflix’s reboot of the true crime series Unsolved Mysteries has led to a flood of tips concerning some of the cases being presented, and in the most recent news, the case of Alonzo Brooks, a 23-year-old who was found dead after attending a house party, is being looked into by the FBI.”

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Check out what are arguably the best movie soundtracks of all time, ranked.

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“The best movie soundtracks do more than complement the images you see on screen. In the hands of a great filmmaker and a gifted music supervisor, a soundtrack can take on a unique life of its own, helping to popularize micro-genres, shining a light on previously obscure artists, or making new hits out of perfectly timed needle drops.”

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Did you know that you can use Snapchat filters on Zoom? Here’s how to do it step by-step.

“With Zoom calls, your computer’s main camera displays you and your surroundings. That’s fine if you want to appear as yourself in your normal office, bedroom, or kitchen. But that’s boring. Instead, add some spice to your appearance and backgrounds with the Snap camera app.”

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With the new Brave New World TV series on Peacock out, let’s take a look at why every adaptation of this utopian classic ended up better than the book.

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“Nobody can agree on the new TV series Brave New World. A smattering of reviews on Rotten Tomatoes will make you think this show is either Westworld for dumb people or a decent-yet-self-conscious remake of Logan’s Run — but with even more gratuitous nudity. But each new hot take about Peacock’s big sci-fi series kind of misses the point.”

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