Link Tank: Best Scary G-Rated Movies For Young Kids

The scariest movies for young kids, Armie Hammer on a Man From U.N.C.L.E sequel, most searched Halloween costumes in 2020, and more!

The Brave Little Toaster (1987)

For those out there with really young kids, here are some of the best and scariest G-rated movies you can watch this Halloween.

“Halloween is a time for horrors, haunts, and movies with a lot of blood. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the most terrifying films out there are the ones that are considered “safe” for all ages. Here are our picks of the 10 scariest G-rated movies in modern history.”

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Armie Hammer joked that he’s open to doing a sequel for The Man From U.N.C.L.E if someone wrote a good enough fanfiction.

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“Armie Hammer said that if someone wrote a very good fanfiction for The Man From U.N.C.L.E, he’d make sure Guy Ritchie saw it so they could do a sequel. And GREAT DO YOU WANT RECOMMENDATIONS?”

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We may be stuck indoors, but that’s not stopping people from dressing up for Halloween. Check out this October’s most searched Halloween costumes.

“If you’re assuming everyone else at your Zoom Halloween party will come up with creative costumes, leaving you to fly under the radar as the only witch in attendance, you might want to rethink your plan. According to Frightgeist, a Google-run seasonal site that analyzes Google Trends data, witch is the most searched Halloween costume this year.”

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More people than ever are seeking professional help during COVID-19. Here’s how you can too.

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“Mental health is a complicated, intimidating state to navigate. That was true before the novel coronavirus pandemic, and it’s true now. The difference between the past and present is that Covid-19 has both exacerbated pre-existing issues and introduced new stresses. In turn, surveys taken over the summer indicate mental health has worsened during the pandemic.”

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The Justice Department has declared Google an illegal monopoly. Here’s why, and what it all means.

“The US government claims Google has a monopoly over internet search and is tacitly calling on the court to consider breaking the company up. On Tuesday, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit in an US district court that alleges Google has been violating antitrust laws in order to cement its hold over the internet search market.”

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The Lovecraft Country season finale last week has left a lot of room to grow. Here are some possible predictions for season 2.

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“If you tore through HBO’s Lovecraft Country, were a huge fan of Mark Ruff’s book, or both, you’re probably wondering if there’s more adventure and horror lurking around the corner from the Sons of Adam’s least favorite family. For Atticus, Ruby, and Christina Braithwhite, the journey has ended (or has it??), but for the rest of the Freemans, it appears things are just getting started.”

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