Link Tank: The Best Retro Game Consoles to Play in 2020

The best retro game consoles, Tom Holland's Spider-Man audition, misconceptions about Colonial America, and more in today's Link Tank!

Evercade retro gaming console

With interests in retro-gaming on the rise, check out the best retro game console to play in 2020.

“Modern video games and consoles offer a narrative experience that rivals Hollywood blockbusters, but also require a hefty commitment of your time to play through. Sometimes you just want to dive into the action, and your favorite 8 and 16-bit games of yesteryear are perfect for that. Retro gaming is more popular than ever, and finding the perfect retro gaming gear can be overwhelming, so we’ve done the hard work for you.”

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Tom Holland’s audition tape proves why Marvel did not wrongly cast him as Spider-Man.

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“Tom Holland is my favorite live-action Spider-Man, and I’d argue that he’s the best to date. This can be a controversial statement in some circles (even though I’m right). To further prove my point, we now turn to his audition tape from Captain America: Civil War. The tape shows us that Holland really nailed it from the start.”

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You may believe things about Colonial America that’s not entirely true. Unlearn these common misconceptions about that time period.

“Every July 4, we pull out all the stops to commemorate the day the colonies first declared independence from Great Britain. Or so you might have thought. In fact, the Second Continental Congress had signed off on Thomas Jefferson’s famed Declaration of Independence a full two days earlier, on July 2, 1776.”

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There’s one less thing to blame humans for—we’re not responsible for the extinction of the woolly rhinoceros, according to new research.

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“The woolly rhinoceros is the less-famous counterpart to fellow mega-herbivore, the woolly mammoth. The prehistoric animals’ shared namesake, a thick coat of fur, is a survival trait that came in handy during their Late Pleistocene reign in northern Eurasia. For the woolly rhino, however, being well-adapted to cold climates was likely part of what triggered the downfall of the species, a new genetic analysis shows.”

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If you have children with internet access, check out these tips on how to best set ground rules without being overbearing.

“Parents reading this likely remember life before the internet, but your kids don’t. Internet access is just a given to them. Turn on the tap, you get water. Turn on the internet, you get cat videos, intense games, conversations with friends…just about anything! Face it, your kids are connected in ways no previous generation has been.”

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Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” is charting again thanks to a viral reaction video of two Gen-Zers hearing the song for the first time.

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“Nobody’s stopped air drumming to Phil Collins’ hit ‘In the Air Tonight’ since it was released in 1980 — it is one of the best drumming songs of all time. But after 40 years, none of that air drumming has led to as much delayed success as two young YouTubers, who got the song to chart for the first time in decades.”

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