Link Tank: Apple’s Unusual 2020 Product Lineup

Why #IfTonyStarkWereInCharge trended on Twitter, Apple's lineup for 2020, free and cheap ebooks, and more in today's Link Tank!

Apple is set to release some really unusual products this years, including AirPods X and a game controller.

“I fondly remember the days when Apple events were packed with surprises (and ‘one more thing’), but those are long, long gone. The leaks are now rolling out earlier—and with more detail—then ever before, with a slate of new products reportedly on deck for this fall. The newest leaks come courtesy of a duo with a relatively short, but accurate, track record.”

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The hashtag #IfTonyStarkWereInCharge was trending on Twitter because our real leaders are just that disappointing.

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“Tony Stark is a billionaire who once was the ‘merchant of death’ because of his weapons. Being forced to literally face his own weaponry, Tony left that life behind him and tried to be the best he could, and thus dedicated his life and resources to helping the world. So yes, right now, we’re thinking about what it would be like if Tony Stark were in charge, and honestly, it hurts my soul.”

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This Baby Yoda ornament needs a place on your Christmas tree this December!

“Even though the holidays are still a few months away, there’s no harm in planning your Christmas decor a little early. If you’re still in Star Wars mode after the release of The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian, these new Christmas ornaments from Hallmark should satisfy anyone looking to give their tree a little cheer from a galaxy far, far away.”

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Dais Johnston of Inverse shares why she refuses to watch Avengers: Endgame as a Marvel fan.

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“April 26, 2019, a date that will go down in history. The world sat enraptured in reclining seats for 182 minutes of Marvel Cinematic Universe showstopping action, while I packed up my college dorm room and tried not to think about post-graduation plans. At 9:00 P.M. exactly, my best friend Nicolette texted me from the local AMC. It was then I knew I wasn’t going to watch Avengers: Endgame.”

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Here’s how you can get free or cheap ebooks to help tide you over this quarantine.

“So you’re stuck inside and even the video streaming services don’t sound like a great option anymore. You need to pick up a good book. But you’re not going to hit the local store (that you keep open with frequent purchases, right?) or your (probably closed) library while you shelter in place. Nor would you want to order hardcovers from Amazon, since its delivery these days is wonky at best. What you’re probably going to want is an easy-to-download ebook.”

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This pandemic quarantine has divorced parents questioning the safety of sharing custody of their children.

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“Three months ago, my ex-husband and I had a (particularly ridiculous, with hindsight) fallout over our children’s socks. Yes, socks. I buy them, he loses them. I was sick of sending our kids to him in matching pairs and then getting them back in mismatched ones, or without any socks at all. I nearly accused him of stockpiling socks under his bed as some sort of delayed revenge for me ending our relationship, but I resisted. What can I say — co-parenting with an ex can drive you to some crazy thoughts.”

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